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  Parliamentary Glossary  

Term   Definition  
  Filibustering   The use of long speeches or other tactics to deliberately delay proceedings.
  Financial Year   The financial year of the Government is from 1st April of a calendar year to 31st March of the following year. It is also referred to as the fiscal year. Art 142 of the CRS.  
  First Reading   (See Passage of a Bill)
  Floor of the House   This refers to the part of the Chamber between the Bar of the House and the Speaker’s chair. A Member may address the House only from here.  
  Front Bench   The front bench nearest the Table of the House on each side. They are occupied on the Government side (on the right hand side of the Speaker) by Ministers and, on the opposite side, by back benchers or the shadow cabinet, if any. (See also Back Bencher, Cabinet and Shadow Cabinet)  


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