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Matt Hardy Bio

Eoghann, January 23, 2005 at 10:33 am in General, Biographies

Name: Matt Hardy
Real Name: Matt Hardy
Birthday: 9-23-1974
Height: 6′1″
Weight: 220 lbs.
From: Cameron, NC
Pro debut: March 1994
Finishing Move: Twist of Fate


Matt joined the WWE with his brother Jeff as a tag team around 1996. After a couple of years they gradually rose to prominence, becoming known for their acrobatic style and one of the most successful tag teams in WWE history. In 2002 the WWE draft split the tag team up with Matt going to Smackdown while Jeff stayed on RAW. Matt re-created himself as Matt Hardy, Version 1.0 and gathered a small group of "Mattitude Followers" around him. During this time he captured the Cruiser weight Championship.

In 2004 Matt Hardy returned to RAW where he was eventually re-united with Lita. However their reconciliation was brief as Kane entered the picture. Lita is currently married to Kane and Matt has been out of action for several months following a beat down by Kane.

Title Summary

WWE Tag Team Championship [5]
WWE Cruiser weight Championship [1]
WWE European Champion [1]
WWE Hardcore Championship [1]
WCW Tag Team Championships [1]

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1) loughi
2/2/2005 @ 2:37 pm - [ Quote ]

well , i hope that matt and lita stay together and i cant wait to matt comes back

2) ???
2/4/2005 @ 10:35 am - [ Quote ]

Matt Hardy we can’t wait until you return to RAW!!!
love Emily and Alex!!!

3) Bob davis
2/10/2005 @ 12:26 pm - [ Quote ]

Matt you butt ugly.

4) Matthew
2/12/2005 @ 1:24 pm - [ Quote ]

U Rock Matt

5) tiffany
2/17/2005 @ 7:21 pm - [ Quote ]


6) charlotte
2/18/2005 @ 2:18 pm - [ Quote ]

I’m a mattitude followerand can’t wait till ya come back matt.
(matt hardy’s number 1 fan!)

7) laura and buddy lottie d
2/18/2005 @ 5:35 pm - [ Quote ]

We cant wait till u come back to wwe and we will be keeping an eye out on raw to see the day that your coming back

8) Jodi
2/20/2005 @ 3:23 am - [ Quote ]

hi i am a big matt hardy fan and will he be comin back to wwe
real soon or this year i would love to see his bro Jeff Hardy and
Lita and hisself a team again

9) Azam
2/23/2005 @ 7:28 am - [ Quote ]

I’m ur biggest fan more than No.1.Come on matt thousands of fans r waitin for u to return.Cause TLC and ladder matches r no fun without u and ur bro jeff.I would love it if u jeff & lita would form tEaM eXtReMe again.When u return to RAW u will capture the world heavyweight title.With that u shall capture the world tag team titles.So make ur return 1 week.Anytime,Any monthe or any year so pleaseeee make ur return.Oh an tell jeff that a 1000’s of fans r waitin fo him to

10) trish and lita
2/23/2005 @ 7:14 pm - [ Quote ]

we love matt and jeff the hottie boyz

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