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White Patriot Party (WPP)

Miller, Frazier Glenn

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The cases and defendants provided were all indicted in federal criminal court as a result of an FBI terrorism investigation as designated by the Attorney General Guidelines on General Crimes, Racketeering Enterprises, and Domestic Security/Terrorism Investigations and subsequent editions (1983, 1989, 2002) or the Attorney General Guidelines for FBI Foreign Intelligence Collection and Foreign Counterintelligence Investigations.

Some defendants were acquitted of the counts for which they were indicted. In other instances, the FBI may have opened a terrorism investigation, found no evidence of terrorist activity, but identified other criminal activities which resulted in indictment. Please see the “case synopsis” for details. Readers should not automatically assume that all persons listed here are “terrorists.”

USA v. Frazier Glenn Miller: 87-CR-32-01-5

Synopsis: During the Spring of 1987, Frazier Glenn Miller, Jr., declared war on the Unites States and petitioned others to join his cause. In a typewritten letter captioned “Dear White Patriots” and bearing his signature, Miller threatened the life of Morris Dees of the Southern Poverty Law Center and established a point system for the assassination of Dees and a host of federal officials. Miller’s letter proclaimed “Let the blood of our enemies flood the streets, rivers, and fields of the nation…we promise death to those who attack us or who attempt to place us in ZOG’s dungeons.” ZOG is a reference to what Miller calls the “Zionist Occupation Government” and is a term commonly used by some groups to describe the federal government.

Miller was indicted in May 1987, for violating 18 USC 876, communicating a threat in the U.S. Mail. Miller pleaded guilty to avoid numerous other violations of federal law and was sentenced to 5 years in prison.

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