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Using Commas: Exercise 4

Choose the correctly punctuated versions of the phrases or clauses from the drop down lists in order to complete the sentences below.

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1. The girl with the wore a bright green scarf to celebrate St. Patrick's Day.

2. he became aware of the Russian's genius.

3. is a favorite spot for fishing.

4. mainly interested in showing off her vocabulary.

5. and collect rocks there.

6. the climbers were forced by a storm to turn back.

7. Did you know that was also a film critic?

8. Lady Jane Grey was the queen of England from

9. Joseph registered for

10. we agreed that Somerset Maugham could really tell a good story.

is a ski resort.

12. is the last day to register to vote in the November general election.

13. the athlete must train every day of the week.

14. increases your understanding of today's world.

15. hopes to graduate from law school in two years.

16. He reads everything:

17. she decided to bring them to her friend in the hospital.

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