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Breakout is a GEV scenario for two or three players. A large combine force has already overrun a Paneuropean defense, and rather than mopping them up, is bypassing them in an attempt to cross a river. However, just as they arrive at its banks, the Paneuropean mobile reserve comes to the rescue.

Its an interesting scenario because there are both raiding and frontal assault possiblities for both sides. Any side that plunders an enemy CP will have a huge advantage. If the Paneurpeans can manage a fighthing retreat they will be rewarded handsomely.

Set Up

Use the GEV map. Towns and bridges southeast of the big river are intact, including the river bridge (30 SP). All other towns and bridges are destroyed.

If three players are available, then two play Paneurope, and one plays the Combine. The Paneuropean players may cooperate, but they take sepearate turns. The order of play goes:

  1. Paneuropean remnants
  2. Combine
  3. Paneuropean reserves

Players select force mixes in secret, and set them up behind screens.

The Combine player gets twenty five armor, twenty five infantry, and CP Alpha (D2 M0). The armor and infantry may be set up anywhere except within six hexes of either Paneuropean start area. The CP must be at least four hexes from every board edge. NB: 25 armor = 150 VP = Ogre Mk V.

The Paneuropean remnant player gets eight armor, fifteen squads of infantry, CP Alpha (D3 M0), and either one large or two small revetments. Heavy Weapons Infantry, Cruise Missile Crawlers, and Ogres are not available -- these guys have been in continuous bloody combat for three hours, and they've all been used up. Lasers and laser towers are available, at whatever rate ends up getting published, currently this seems to be 2 armor per 30 sp laser, and 3 per 20 sp tower. Place all these forces in the three city hexes at 0510-0409-0410.

The Paneuropean reserve player gets seventeen armor placed on the southwestern island. Place CP Beta (D1 M0) in hex 2218 and a howitzer in 2116. At the start of this player's second turn an additional four armor units arrive into a map edge bordering this player's start area. These reinforcements may be borrowed against if an especially large Ogre is to be purchased, e.g. 20 armor buys a Fencer. Their entrance may not be delayed (exception: off map cruise missiles). Armor may be exchanged for infantry at the "book value" of 3 squads per armor unit.

Both the Paneuropean reserve and Combine player are encouraged to buy any sort of unit, including Ogres, off board cruise missiles, engineers, revetments, militia, lasers, etcetera. Additionally, there are no limits on unit types. If the Combine player wants to take exclusively superheavies, then he may.

Special Rules

All HQs are tactical HQs. In addition to being worth victory points, destroying a side's HQ causes chaos throughout that side's forces. Following the loss of a HQ, that side loses their entire next turn, including the undisable phase.

The GEV rubble rule must be used. Otherwise the Paneuropean remnants may be impossible to dig out.


Paneuropean units may escape off of the southwestern island's edge. Combine units may escape off the north side.

Ending the Game

The game ends when either all Combine or Paneuropean units have been destroyed.

Objectives and Victory Points

The Combine objective is to defeat the Paneuropeans in detail, and get across the river. That player scores normal VP for destroying enemy units. If his units can get across to the island to the east of the river, he scores the unit's value for having those units there, If the bridge is up, VP scored in this way are tripled.

The Paneuropean remnant's troops are in line for medals and citations, if only they can keep them alive long enough to collect them pre-mortem. He gets normal VP for destroying enemy units, and VP equal to unit value for each of his units which escapes or survives.

The Paneuropean reserve's goal is to stop, or better yet anihilate, the Combine forces. Score normal VP for unit destruction.

Each command post destroyed scores 20 VP for the destroyer.

Add the two Paneuropean point totals together, and compare against the Combine point total to determine victory: One side ahead 75 or more: descisive victory; ahead 25 or more: marginal victory; less than that: it's a draw.

Strategy Tips

If cruise missiles or GEVs are afoot, keep something back to gaurd your headquarters.

The remnant player can't win against a determined Combine assault, but he can usually destroy a class of enemy units in furthering some general strategy, Ideas include destroying GEVs and let the reservist goin HQ raiding, or destroy superheavies, blow the bridge, and laugh.

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This document copyright 2002 David Morse. Permission is hereby granted to make and distribute copies of this document for non-commercial use.

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