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Every effort is made to ensure the information contained within this website is correct. However Croydon College reserves the right to change or amend, at any time, any of the course details including content, dates, times, venues, fees payable, concessions available, terms or conditions. The College also reserves the right to close or not to start any published course.

About the College A photo of the back entrance to the College and the Nestle building taken from the top of nearby car park on a sunny day

A Community of Study

Croydon College has been an integral part of education within the London Borough of Croydon, in the south east of the UK, for over 100 years.
Situated in the centre of Croydon and easily reached by road, rail, bus and the new Tramlink, the College has two main sites, Fairfield and the adjacent dedicated Higher Education Centre.
The College has a comprehensive curriculum portfolio with a range of programmes across all Further and Higher Education levels leading to nationally recognised qualifications. These include: G.C.S.E.s, A/A.S. levels, National Diplomas/Certificates/Awards, A.S.V.C.E.s/A.V.C.E.s, G.N.V.Q.s and N.V.Q.s, through to professional qualifications, Higher National Diplomas/Certificates, Degrees and Masters Degrees. Subjects offered include: Art and Design, Business and Finance, Caring, Construction, Engineering, Fashion, Hairdressing and Beauty Therapy, Hospitality and Catering, I.T., Leisure and Tourism, Performing Arts, Public Services and a wide range of professional qualifications. Also, the College provides a range of services to local business.
With strong African, Caribbean and Asian influences and links with many other ethnic communities, the College is the epitome of a thriving modern multi-cultural educational community with students and staff from a wide range of cultural and religious backgrounds.

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