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Tony Jannus Award Past Recipients

Earning the Tony Jannus Award could be called an induction into the Air Transportation Hall of Fame. The list of winners is a virtual “Who’s Who” in the industry.


2007   Colleen C. Barrett, President and Corporate Secretary, Southwest Airlines

2006   Joe Leonard, Chairman & CEO, AirTran Airways

2005   David Neeleman, Chairman & CEO, JetBlue Airways Corporation

2004   Honorable Norman Y. Mineta, Secretary, United States Department of Transportation

2003   Gordon M. Bethune, Chairman & CEO, Continental Airlines

2002   Sir Freddie Laker, Chairman & Managing Director, Laker Airways (Bahamas) Limited

2001   Robert L. Crandall, Former Chairman & CEO, AMR Corporation & American Airlines

2000   Sir Richard Branson. Founder, Virgin Atlantic Airways

1999   Federico Bloch, President & CEO, TACA Group

1998   Angus James Kinnear, President, Canada 3000 Airlines Limited

1997   Charles E. Yeager, Brigadier General, USAF Ret.

1996   J. George Mikelsons, Chairman & CEO, American Trans Air

1995   J. Martin Schröder, Founder & CEO, Martinair Holland

1994   Alan S. Boyd, Secretary, U.S. Dept. of Transportation

1993   Herbert D. Kelleher, President & CEO, Southwest Airlines

1992   T.A. Wilson, Chairman, The Boeing Company

1991   Sir Colin [later lord] Marshall, Deputy Chairman & CEO, British Airways

1990   Edwin I. Colodny, Chairman, USAir

1989   Sir C. Lenox Hewitt, Chairman, Qantas Airways, Ltd.

1988   Claude I. Taylor, Chairman, Air Canada

1987   Jerome H. Lederer, Flight Safety Pioneer

1986   Frank Borman, Chairman, Eastern Air Lines

1985   Edward C. Wells, Aircraft Designer-Engineer

Wayne W. Parrish, Aviation Writer-Publisher

1984   Knut Hammarskjöld, Director General, IATA and

1983   David C. Garrett, Jr., President, Delta Air Lines

1982   Manuel Sosa de la Vega, President, Mexicana Airlines

1981   Honorable Howard W. Cannon, U.S. Senator, Nevada

1980   Thomas H. Davis, Founder & President, Piedmont Airlines

1979   Jehangir R.D. Tata, Founder, Air India

1978   Donald W. Nyrop, Chairman, Northwest Airlines

1977   Robert F. Six. Founder, Continental Airlines

1976   C.R. Smith, Founder, American Airlines

1975   Captain Elrey B. Jeppesen, Founder & Chairman, Jeppesen Company

1974   William Powell Lear, Pioneer, Aircraft Radios and Avionics

1973   Geoffrey E. Knight and Henri A.L. Ziegler, Co-Developers, Concorde SST

1972   Lt. Gen. James H. Doolittle, USAF Ret., Developer of Instrument Flight

1971   William McPherson Allen, Chairman, The Boeing Company

1970   Daniel J. Haughton, Chairman, Lockheed Aircraft Corp.

1969   Sir Frank Whittle O.M., K.B.E., C.B., F.R.S., Developer of Jet Engine

1968   W.A. Patterson, Founder, United Air Lines

1967   Captain Edward V. Rickenbacker, Chairman, Eastern Air Lines

1966   Donald W. Douglas, Sr., Founder, Douglas Aircraft Company

1965   Juan Terry Trippe, Founder, Pan American World Airways

1964   Honorable A.S. Mike Monroney, U.S. Senator, Oklahoma