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American Political Quiz

American Political Quiz

Mainstream Libertarians is the Number 1 site on the Web for breaking libertarian news. The site recently received the "Cool Site" pick award for cutting edge journalism.  It is updated daily. And most times the site scoops all the other libertarian sites.  It has even scooped Drudge, AP and Fox News on major breaking stories.  Celebrity libertarian news, and sports are also covered. 

Recent Headlines:

Libertarian Comedian Dennis Miller joins Fox News

Major Media calls Rudy Giuliani a "libertarian"

Las Vegas Sports Betting King Wayne Root to run for President as a Libertarian

Alaska's Republican Governor Sarah Palin backs major tax cuts

Smoking Ban repeals sweep small towns nationwide

Libertarians take control of Local Board in South Florida: Cut bloated programs

Utah passes Nation's first statewide School Choice legislation

Libertarian activists fight for Property Rights in Chicago, Texas and nationwide

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Celebrity Libertarians in TV, Movies, Music, & Sports

Humorist, Author &
Libertarian Godfather
PJ O'Rourke

TV Star, Comedian & Radio
Jock Danny Bonaduce

Forensic Psychologist
& TV Film Producer
Dr. Helen Smith

Rock Legend & Hunting
Enthusiast Ted Nugent

Radio Talk Show Host
& Fox News Contributor
Tammy Bruce

Las Vegas Oddsmaker &
Sports Commentator
Wayne Allyn Root

ABC's John Stossel

Other self-described Libertarian Celebrities include: South Park's Creator Trey Parker, Magician Penn Jillette, Comedian Drew Carey, Comedy Central's Jon Stewart, Man's Show Co-Host & Comedian Doug Stanhope,  Rush Drummer Neal Peart, Baseball's Mike Piazza, Actor James Woods, Howard Stern, and Playboy's Christie Heffner. 

Are you a Libertarian?

Simply answer "Yes" if you mostly agree, "Maybe" if you're unsure, and "No" if you are opposed.

*Note, there is only one rule for this quiz.  If you are unsure about a question, do not like the way it is worded, or just don't know, answer Maybe. 

1. Do you support less federal taxes for both individuals and corporations?


2. Do you think federal entitlement programs such as Welfare, Medicare, Prescription Drugs, and Public Housing have gone too far, and need to be cut back?


3. Do you support private Property Rights and oppose Eminent Domain seizures by federal, state and local governments?


4. Do you believe that the US needs to be more Energy independent, and that oil drilling in Alaska and off other Coastlines should be permitted?


5. Would you like to see us move towards a system of gradual privatization of Social Security, allowing young people to opt out of the system, while still providing benefits to those who earned them?


6. Do you support Choice in Education, and believe that parents should be able to decide where to send their kids to school, including home schooling?


7. Do you believe that individuals over 18 should be permitted to download adult content from the internet free from government interference including, graphic images and sexually explicit music?


8. Do you think that adults should have the right to engage in all sorts of gambling, including, internet gaming, sports betting, and slots?


9. Do you believe that Seat Belt Laws violate an individual's right to decide for themselves and should be repealed?


10. Do you support the All-Volunteer Armed Forces and oppose recent calls for a return to the Military Draft?

Now add up your scores. 

Your Score? 

1 point for "Yes"

.5 for "Maybe"



If you answered "Yes" to 7 to 8 questions (or your score adds up to 7 to 8) you have definite libertarian leanings.    You are essentially a "Fiscal Conservative," or "Enterpriser."  The Republican Party is a natural home for you. If you answered "Yes" to 9 or 10 (or your total scores add up above 9.0) you are definitely a Libertarian.   The Republican Liberty Caucus (GOP's libertarian wing) best represents your views.   

If you scored as a Fiscal Conservative or Libertarian, Congratulations! 

We now invite you to visit the gateway to the Libertarian movement:

Other Scores:

1 - 3 = Liberal/Socialist.   You support bigger government.

4 - 5 = Moderate/Centrist.  You support essentially the same amount of government, bigger in some areas, smaller in others. 

6 - 7 = Conservative.  You support somewhat lesser government in some areas. 

If you scored less than Libertarian-leaning we invite you to browse around at our other pages, and learn some more about libertarian values.  We also have some recommended books and other materials that we'd like to suggest.  We hope you'll try the test again, after you've learned more.  And please invite your friends to take the test, as well. 


Libertarians fight for Liberty in the United States and all Over the World