So today, as part of Fake Week, housemates are being punished for a crime they didn't commit. It's just like The A-Team (without the plan coming together).

Housemates haven't been able to work out who could possibly have done anything wrong so Big Brother is punishing all of them, alphabetically, just for fun.

First called to the vestibule to be punished for no reason are Amanda, Brian and Carole. They've been given six kernel-free corn-on-the-cobs, and it's up to them to reconstruct them.

"This is like being in prison," said Brian, looking at the hundreds of little yellow angry corn kernels staring back at him.

"This is dead funny," shrugged Carole, really meaning it.

Outside, the other housemates were still trying to work out who the rule-breaker could be.

"I don't think there's a rule broken," said Ziggy.

"They're just doing it for the fun of it," said Charley.

"This is hard," said Brian, grappling with the corn.

"No this is lovely," said Carole. "You've got two gorgeous girls next to you, and a bowl of maize." What more could you ask for?

"Big Brother knew we'd never get it right," he said.

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"The punishment was already ready," agreed Carole, busy gluing. "But it's a lovely way to spend time with you all. There's the delicious Amanda on that side, and the extraordinarily gorgeous and talented me on this side."

"Oh this is hard, look I'm cock-handed!" said Brian.

"Cack-handed," corrected Carole.

Get it right, Brian...