How long is a piece of string? No really, Chanelle, Charley and Gerry, how long is it?

As the second part of today's fake punishment, the next alphabetically to be punished were Chanelle, Charley and Gerry.

Sent to the vestibule, the three were confronted with three balls of string, a 3cm rule to measure the string with, and blackboard to chalk up the results.

"Oh my God," said Gerry, clearly unimpressed.

"You've been stitched up like a kipper," said Brian, peering into the vestibule, adding: "Gutted Chanelle."

"We have to measure it with this," said Chanelle, holding up the 3cm-rule in disbelief.

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"This is ridiculous, we're gonna be at this all day" said Charley as she settled into tallying at the blackboard, and Gerry held the string while Chanelle measured it.

But how long before they get roped into an argument?