The bear was given to the Georgia Tech football team after its victory over California in the 1929 Rose Bowl.
  Player Stumpy Thomason took over the care of the cub named Bruin, but it soon became known by one and all as Stumpy's Bear.
  During his years at Tech, Stumpy took the bear with him everywhere he went but the bear's residence was officially under the east stands at the stadium.
  The bear grew and grew and soon weighed over 400 pounds.
  The bear learned to drink beverages out of Coca-Cola bottles and was reputed to be able to down up to 20 bottles at a time.
  It was said the bear's favorite beverage was beer.
  Dean Griffin once described the bear as being as "smart as most Tech students with all the bad habits of modern youth."
  The bear gained a reputation as trouble when he got into garbage cans in Home Park. Stumpy took him to Buffalo, New York when he moved there to coach the Buffalo Bears. His fate after moving north is unknown.
Stumpy's Bear and Stumpy

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