WWE Raw Results: 6/16/03 - The fallout from Bad Blood
    Submitted by Dustin Tingue on Monday, June 16, 2003 at 11:50 PM EST

    WWE RAW - 6/16/03

    Location: American Airlines Arena in Dallas, Texas
    Announcing: Jim Ross & Jerry Lawler

    Mick Foley made his way out to start off the show. Foley mentioned that he said he'd be back to his normal life in June 16th, but tonight he found himself in a WWE ring. Foley had his new book with him, Tietam Brown (which is a Civil War novel) and said he looked forward to seeing fans on his 20 city book tour. Foley then added that he'd be at next week's Raw in Madison Square Garden but said that would be his last appearance in WWE for awhile. Foley went on to talk about the Hell in a Cell match and the beating he ended up taking. Foley said it reminded him of who he was but before he could elaborate, new music and a new video fired up for Evoultion. Decked out in some dress clothes, Triple H, Ric Flair and Randy Orton stepped inside the ring. Orton got on the mic and called Foley a loser and said that Evolution was extending an offer for a fourth member tonight and Orton said if Foley played his cards right, it could be him. Foley sarcastically reacted and said there was nothing he wanted more than to be a Four Horsemen wannabe. Foley showed respect to Flair and Triple H but said all he saw in Orton was a 16 year old kid with all the testosterone in the world but no idea what to do with it. Foley said when Orton is able to keep going despite injuries and show that he has it in his heart, then maybe he can step into a WWE ring and call himself a superstar. Orton shot back and mentioned Foley's days of sleeping in his car and mutilating his body to make a name for himself. Orton reiterated that he was a third generation superstar and wished that Triple H would've never retired him because he wanted the chance to beat Foley's ass. Foley said even though he was retired, "Bring it on!" Evolution circled Foley and Orton got in a cheap shot but Foley quickly recovered and decked all three of them. Foley had H set up in the corner and went for the running knee but Orton caught him with a clothesline and the three rebounded to beat down Foley until Al Snow and Maven (of all people, as JR said) came out and helped Foley clear the ring.

    Backstage, Eric Bischoff was berating Mae Young (with Moolah standing by) for embarassing him last night. Bischoff said he had some real entertainment in store for Mae and told her she had a match later tonight.

    The Dudley Boyz & Ivory defeated Christopher Nowinksi, Jazz & Rodney Mack (with Theodore Long) in 4:33. The men did most of the work in this match and after the Dudleyz cleared the ring (via a 3D on Nowinski) Ivory snuck in and rolled up Jazz for the pin for the third week in a row.

    Backstage, Rob Van Dam told Kane they needed to get back on the same level so they could win back the tag team titles tonight. Kane told RVD he should be blaming himself but RVD came back and said that they're supposed to go through things as a team, whether they win or lose. RVD then said Kane had changed and Kane agreed and said if they didn't win the titles they should both go their seperate ways.

    Meanwhile, Foley and Snow talked about what just happened when Maven came into the picture and said he had gotten himself a match with Randy Orton. Foley said that Evolution would be involved so he said he'd be in Maven's corner.

    After the break, we saw Evolution watching the show on a monitor.

    Lance Storm came out for a match next agains Garrison Cade (formerly known as Lance Cade in OVW) but before the match began, Steve Austin came out with a pillow and a blanket, shouting "Boring!"

    Garrison Cade defeated Lance Storm in 2:37. During the entire match, Austin kept making comments on how boring Storm was and laid down on the stage and took a little "nap." The match itself was pretty boring indeed (I'm assuming that was the poing) as Cade and Storm traded holds back and forth until Austin got Storm's attention long enough for Cade to score a schoolboy for the win.

    Booker T & Goldberg defeated Chris Jericho & Christian in 10:01. Booker played the face in peril for a good part of the match. Later on, Goldberg came in a hit Jericho with a spear but hurt his already injured shoulder in the process. Christian came in with his title belt and tried hit Booker but he countered it and nailed Christian with his own belt. Booker then hit the ax kick on Jericho for the win.

    Eric Bischoff came to the ring and announced himself as the special guest ring announcer for the next match. Bischoff then called out Mae Young (accompanied by Moolah), but before Bischoff announced her opponent, the show went to commercial.

    After the break, Bischoff called out Test as Mae's opponent, but before the match began, Austin appeared on the TitanTron and said Bischoff didn't talk to him about this match, so he had a change in mind. Austin then introduced a special guest referee, Scott Steiner (with Stacy Keibler). Before Steiner even got in the ring, Test shoved down Moolah and hit Mae with a pumphandle slam and then bailed from the ring before Steiner could get to him.

    During the break footage showed Moolah being carried out on a stretcher.

    Backstage, Jackie Gayda helped Rico make himself up for his re-debut with a new character. Rico turned around (his back was to the camera before) and he had a crapload of silver eye makeup on and claimed, "It's raining Rico!" before the show went to break.

    Backstage after the break, Austin had a crew member track down Kane and RVD for him.

    Rico (with Jackie Gayda) defeated Spike Dudley in 4:36. Rico's new look is a throwback to an Adrian Street or Gorgeous George type of character. Gayda looked pretty hot as well. Actually a pretty solid match with a couple nice spots by Spike but in the end, Rico hit a back heel kick for the win.

    Backstage, Austin gave RVD and Kane a little pep talk. He told them to put their differences aside and win back the tag team titles.

    Randy Orton (with Ric Flair) defeated Maven (with Mick Foley) in 7:24. Again, another solid match with just a few antics by Foley and Flair on the outside. Good back and forth action with some near falls here and there. In the end, Orton hit a Diamond Cutter (not sure of the official name of his version of it yet) for the win. Afterwards, Foley pulled out Mr. Socko and put both Orton and Flair in the Mandible Claw for a few seconds.

    La Résistance defeated Kane & Rob Van Dam by DQ to retain the World Tag Team Titles in 11:58. Another solid match here with RVD and Kane dominating for a good part of it until the end. Van Dam went up top but Dupre shoved him off onto Kane (who had taken the double flapjack on the floor earlier). This prompted Kane to go apeshit and wail on La Résistance with a chair, causing the DQ. After leaving the champs laying with chokeslams, Triple H came out and said "That was awesome!" H said he was happy to see the old Kane back and knew that they weren't the best of friends, but he had a proposition for him. Triple H offered Kane the high life with Evolution but before Kane had an answer, Austin walked out and made a little offer of his own. Austin said Kane could either side with Triple H or he could battle Triple H for the title next week in Madison Square Garden. Again, before Kane answered, Bischoff walked out and said Austin didn't talk this over with him, so Bischoff threw in a little something of his own. He said if Kane chooses to take on Triple H for the title, he better win, because if he doesn't he'll have to unmask. Kane then grabbed both Triple H and Austin by the throat and lifted up Austin for a chokeslam but then put him down and chokeslammed Triple H instead, therefore choosing to go after the World Title on next week's Raw.

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