First Asia-Europe Symposium on Intelligent Vehicles


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First Asia-Europe Symposium on Intelligent Vehicles

May 22-24, 2007

Shanghai Oriental Land, Shanghai, P.R. China

The First Asia-Europe International Symposium on Intelligent Vehicle will be held on May 22-24, 2007 at Shanghai Oriental Land, Shanghai. This symposium is organized by Shanghai Jiao Tong University, and supported by EU Asia-IT&C Programme CyberC3 Project, French-Asia ICT Programme FACT Project and Shanghai Oriental Land. More than 100 participants from China, France, Portugal, Holland, Belgium, Singapore, Korea, Japan, etc., are expected to attend the symposium.

The main aims of this symposium are to exchange new idea and the latest research results in the field of intelligent vehicles, to explore development and application perspective of Cybernetic Transport System in Asia and Europe, and to promote further technology exchange and friendly cooperation among Asia-Europe collaborators.

During the three-day symposium, the CyberC3 Driverless System, which is developed under close cooperation among Asian and European researchers will be demonstrated with some other demonstration by partners from the CyberC3 Project and the FACT project. We are glad to invite you to attend this symposium and relevant demonstration activities. With your participation and support, we believe this symposium can be a big success. Looking forwards to see you in the Shanghai Oriental Land.



中国 上海

    2007年5月22-24日,由上海交通大学主办的首届亚欧智能车辆国际研讨会将在上海市东方绿舟举行。会议得到了欧盟Asia IT&C计划CyberC3智能车项目、法亚FACT智能车项目和上海市东方绿舟的大力支持,预计将有来自中国、法国、葡萄牙、比利时、新加坡、韩国、日本等国家的100多名代表参加此次会议。




Organized by :  Shanghai Jiao Tong University(china) 
组办单位: 上海交通大学
Supported by: EU Asia-IT&C Programme CyberC3 Project
  French-Asia ICT Programme FACT Project
  Shanghai Oriental Land(china)
赞助单位: 欧盟 Asia IT&C 计划CyberC3 智能车项目
  法亚 FACT 智能车项目

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