Nnoseng Ellen Kate Kuzwayo

Member of Parliament, ANC

Date of Birth: 29.06.1914

11376 Tambo Street
Orlando West Ext

Tel Home: (011) 982 1592
Tel.Office: (011) 988 5851
Fax: (011) 988 5823

Constituency: Dobsonville
Administrator: Christina Selematsela

Tel: (011) 988 5851
Fax: (011) 988 5823

76 Mmesi Street
Dobsonville Shopping Centre
P O Dobsonville

Parliamentary Committees


Primary Higher Teacher's Certificate at Adams College Amanzimtoti in 1937. Higher Diploma in Advanced Social Work Practice University of Witwatersand

Political History:

From the age of + - 22 I attended ANC Annual Conferences held in Blomfontein, going back1935/36.I was present when the late Ms Mina Soga requested conference to move out with women and launched an organisation called National Council of African Women, still operating as a circular organisation to this day.I served with comrades: Mandela,Sisulu,Peter Mda, late Comrade Tambo and Antony Lembede, and a young man Henry Ramokgopa, when ANC Youth League was established, in the late 1940's to early 1950's

Other Information:

I sometimes carried my father's bag at ANC Annual Conference.He was PS Mefare ANC those years embraced Blacks form all Ethnic and Race Groups white as well I was a teacher from 1938 - 1952.I gave up teaching at the end of 1952 when the Nationalist Party enforced noxious "I returned to school to train as a social Worker from 1953 - 1955.A mother of 3 boys, my husband G R Kuzwayo a printer of Renown, supported me during that period of training in my practice as a social worker I stunned government and government aided agencies and worked for private organisation, where I earned very low salary but had the freedom of working with youth and women of my community, for their Growth and Development. Somehow, I was fulfilled, inspite of low earnings.To this Day, I still work with women in the self -help movement which is the fore runner of the present "RDP"- Reconstruction and Development Programme, together with the women of the self-help movement.

We launched "Zamani Soweto Sisters Council" with the support of women like Elizabeth Wolpert. My major contribution in that group as a consultant, I specialised on Accounting and helping members of the Self- Help Movement to know and to accept Accounting for money received and used as in itergral part of Running of Project where money is used regardless ofwhere it comes from.

To day the officers of the Self Movement, meeting at Zamani Soweto Sisters Centre , do all in their power to have their Books Audited.A major achievement for that group.The Zamani Soweto Skills Training Centre was officially opened in March 1987.About 500 + women and girls have making, and weaving from there. This project has contributed much from decreasing the high rate of unemployment in the Black Community, partialarly amongst women.

This project has been run from 1978 to present day.It is and example of varied programmes and project seen in urban and rural areas by women to ensure reliance. We hope that some day custodians of the RDP will make an effort to visit any of these Project and Programmes scattered all over South Africa - to encourage them, perhaps hopefully to learn how thousands of women in Black Communities of this country have been and are still surviving in the midst of high rate of unemployment in South Africa the goods they produce can stand competition from some International Products.

I find it very difficult to cut myself from this dynamic programme of survival by women of the Black Community indeed it is a "Hand to Mouth" Ventare, but it is much better than begging or nagging.

It is a source of inspiration and encouragement to those who are involved in it one way or another.These projects and programmes can produce better results in the community and for participants with the Financial Support Supervision and Guidance from those with better knowledge in this regard.


Jeremaiah Makgothi was my material grandfather.My mother was their eldest child in their family with Magdeline Segogoane Makgothi, born Masisi.They lived in Thaba' Achu of Bloemfontein.In his early life Jeremaiah, travelled with his mother from Thaba'Achu in the Orange Free State,To Lovedale Institute in the Cape where his mother left him after a long tideous journey by an oxwaggon in +- 1875, to complete his studies. He remdlned there for five years to complete his studies; to become a teacher.

In his life time, in addition to being a teacher, he also worked as Court- Interpreter; as well as a preacher in the Methodist Church.As a beginner at school, I attended a school built by Jeremaiah Makgothi, his family and the people who lived and worked on his lucrative farm in THABAPATCHOA,about 12 miles from TWEESPRUIT.

It is on record that Jeremaiah was the only layman amongst the Team of Religious Ministers who worked with Dr Moffat to translate the Bible into Setswana.

In addition to the many offices he held, at some in his life he was the secretary of the them South African Nature Congress in the Orange Free State, an organisation known today as"AFRICAN NATIONAL CONGRESS". I speak in detail about him in the film I worked on with Elizabeth Wolpert who lives in London, but a South African who left the country + - forty years ago.

The documentary is known as TSHIAMELO PLACE OF GOODNESS.In case your may want to see it contact Betty Wolpert by phone (0944)1717929131.I write about Jeremaiah in my book "CALL ME WOMAN" published by Ravon Press in South Africa, in 1986.

My motivation for writing the book, was born out of the Negative Image about Black (African) women in South Africa, promoted by the general community of white people of this country, in particular the women in the white Community who employed african work as domestic workers. I have written a little about Jeremaiah in that book.His photo is in that book as well.

From my childhood days, I have a long contact and history with the ANC.

My stand after 1976 uprising of Soweto, students, a stand which earned me Five Months imprisonment, was my commitment to the fight for the Political Liberation Of Black people. A fight which must be won on Economic Emancipation of that Community.