There's nothing like a good cause to get people on their high horses - but what about a fake one? There's something a little fishy about 'Warmth Not Waste' - the 'Global Initiative' that housemates have been asked to contribute to.

Once again Big Brother pulls a master stroke...

Summoned to the Living Area after being locked in the Bedroom, housemates were given details of the latest Task. For 'Warmth Not Waste' they must help create part of a giant quilt that will be taken to the Gobi Desert, joined with quilts from all over the world and photographed from space.

"That's cool man," shouted Tracey excitedly.

"Wicked!" echoed Nicky.

"If you've got it, use something made of cotton, rather than nylon or anything synthetic," said Carole nobly, "so it won't contribute to global warming."

Nodding sagely, the housemates were overcome with worthiness.

"Can you believe they asked us to put our stuff on it," said Chanelle, clearly humbled by being included.

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"My pants are going to the desert," trilled Gerry, before adding, "The Gobi Desert is in Mongolia by the way - above China."

"I thought Mongolia was a level on Super Mario," said Liam, half-jokingly.

"I thought it was a type of animal," added Chanelle without the merest hint of irony.

Big Brother you are wicked, wicked, wicked...