As a day of bizarre punishments draws to a close, Ziggy and Tracey were called up for their dose of the misery. But they weren't alone - Amanda was roped in for a second sitting...

All three housemates were called to the Vestibule. "It's all grass, with three buckets!" said Brian, peering through the door.

"What are they doing?" asked Carole, "needle in a haystack?"

After reading the instructions, all became clear, as the three each chose a nice green spot and began cutting the grass - with nail scissors.

"Oh yeah, let's go!" squealed Amanda, blissfully unaware of how dull the Task would actually be.

"Shall I start in the middle?" asked Ziggy. "Yeah," replied Tracey, "and I'll start at this end."

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Logistics worked out, the housemates set about trimming...

And never one to miss the opportunity to put a musical spin on things, Amanda began singing: "Let's cut the grass, like we did last summer," trilling to the tune of 'Let's Twist Again'.

Bless 'er...