On a continuing quest to send housemates clean out of their minds, Big Brother pulled the rug once more. During a rare, quiet moment, all housemates were instructed to pack their bags.

What followed was a symphony of suitcase zips and profanities...

"This is nerve-racking!" squealed Sam excitedly.

"Is everyone getting changed into their eviction outfits?" asked Chanelle.

And with her typical 'subtle' gusto, Charley announced to the group her synopsis:

"You lot," she bellowed, "they're probably doing this so we think there's another House."

Ummm, didn't they already do that with the plane...?

"It's like we're all going home!" shouted Brian excitedly, before the housemates took their suitcases to the store room.

"Something big is going on," said Charley, in fount-of-all-knowledge mode, "I can tell."

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Confusingly, just half an hour later, Big Brother announced that all housemates could collect their suitcases - except Nicky and Charley, who were summoned to the Diary Room.

Big Brother reminded the pair of several occasions when they had broken House rules by discussing nominations.

"As you appear to be unclear of this rule," came an ominous voice, "Big Brother is going to teach you both a lesson. Big Brother will be keeping your suitcases until further notice."

Big Brother knows exactly which buttons to press...