For the final part of today's fake Task, housemates continue to spread support for the Global Initiative 'Warmth Not Waste'. Individually or in pairs, housemates will be called into the Diary Room to read out a plea to people across the world.

Pleas will be in different languages - everything from Finnish to Afrikaans - each asking people to 'give a piece of peace'... or so the housemates think.

"We are the Big Brother twins, be like us, and give a piece for peace," the twins will recite in Iranian... although anyone who is fluent will quickly realise it's actually an order for a hamburger, side of fries... and hold the cheese.

And when Ziggy and Liam proudly ask the people of South Africa to "join us - support Warmth Not Waste', they will in fact be enquiring:

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"What do you call a sheep with no legs?"

What else will turn out to be Fake? Only Big Brother knows...

...Oh, and the answer's a cloud.