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The Premium Foils of Tenth Edition

Thursday, July 12, 2007

The letter P!acks of Tenth Edition contain premium "foil" cards just like any other modern Magic set. Foils in Tenth have a new twist for the dedicated Magic player, however.

No reminder text.

Regular, nonfoil editions of Tenth Edition cards help new players learn to play by spelling out the meanings of abilities like flying, trample and shroud. But if you know these terms already, you can escape all that reminder text by collecting foil versions of those cards. Foil cards in Tenth have no reminder text.

In some cases, this allows more room for flavor text. Here are some samples of cards that gained significant real estate for some juicy new flavor text—flavor that wouldn't have fit on the nonfoil versions, what with all the reminding going on.

Tenth Edition Skyhunter Skirmisher, regular version Tenth Edition Skyhunter Skirmisher, foil version with no reminder text and all-new flavor text
Tenth Edition Uncontrollable Anger, regular version Tenth Edition Uncontrollable Anger, foil version with no reminder text and all-new flavor text

In some cases, the lack of reminder text just served to give more room for awesome.

Magic Game Day is Saturday, and Tenth Edition is awesome. If you weren't going already, then for the love of Garfield, go.


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