Now for an Air Force trivia question: Where is Cavalier Air Station? Here’s a clue: it’s the geographic center of North America.

The question stumps most everyone. Few have heard of Cavalier, let alone know where to find it.

Here’s the answer: Cavalier Air Station is 90 miles north of Grand Forks Air Force Base in the northeastern corner of North Dakota, just a 15-minute drive from the Canadian border.

Officially, Cav — as it’s commonly called — is home to the 10th Space Warning Squadron, a geographically separated unit of the 21st Space Wing at Peterson AFB, Colo. The 26 American and two Canadian military members assigned to Cav operate a phased-array radar with the primary mission of detecting and warning America of sea-launched ballistic missiles and intercontinental ballistic missiles. Just hours from Rugby, N.D. — that geographic center mentioned earlier — the air station is a CONUS-isolated 15- to 24-month assignment.


by Chief Master Sgt. Tom Kuhn, USAFR
photos by Tech. Sgt. Mike Moore