Cubital Tunnel Syndrome: Cell Phone Elbow

July 6th, 2005

As many of our readers know, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome can result when a nerve (the Median nerve) that runs across the underside of the fore-arm and wrist (along the “Carpal Tunnel”, natch) becomes compressed.
There is also a Cubital Tunnel that channels the Ulnar nerve (or “funny bone”) over the elbow. When this is effected in the same way, we call it “Cubital Tunnel Syndrome“, or what is now popularly becoming known as “Cell-Phone Elbow“.
Aside from frequent cell phone use, the Cubital Tunnel can become compressed by sleeping with (and more particularly ON) a bent elbow.
Jim Ritter, health reporter for the Chicago Sun Times has written a story [Google Cache] on the subject that offers the following advice:

  • Don’t sleep on your arm.
  • Don’t sleep with a bent arm, wear a splint if needed.
  • When using the phone, change hands often.

Read the article for more information.

Cubital Tunnel Wikipedia article (the first article posted to Wikipedia by one of our editors!)

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