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ABINGDON [Abendone] Aebba's (Old English) dun ="hill". Aebba was a woman's name

ALDERMASTON [Heldremanestune] (Old English) tun ="settlement" of the (Old English) ealdorman

ALDWORTH [Elleorde] (Old English) ald ="old" (Old English) worth ="enclosure"

APPLEFORD [Apleford] Ford where the (Old English) aeppel ="apples" grows

APPLETON [Apletune] (Old English) tun ="settlement" where the (Old English) aeppel ="apples" grows

ARDINGTON [Ardintone] (Old English) tun ="settlement" of Aethelred's (Old English) -ing ="tribe, people"

ASHBURY [Eisseberie] Aesc's (Old English) burg ="fort, fortified manor"

ASTON TIRROLD [Estone] Eastern (Old English) tun ="settlement"

AVINGTON [Avintone] (Old English) tun ="settlement" of Afa's (Old English) -ingas ="tribe, people"

BARCHAM [Bercheham] (Old English) hamm ="water meadow" where (Old English) beorc ="birch" grows

BASILDON [Bastedene] Bessel's (Old English) denu ="valley"

BEEDON [Bedene] (Old English) byden ="tub", here meaning 'shallow valley"

BISHAM [Bistesham] Byssel's (Old English) ham ="homestead"

BLEWBURY [Blitberie] (Old English) bleo ="colour", thus coloured hillside, (Old English) burg ="fort"

BOXFORD [Bochesorne] (Old English) ora ="river bank" where box grows

BRADFIELD [Bradefelt] (Old English) brad ="broad, wide" (Old English) feld ="open space"

BRAY [Bray] (Old English) breg ="brow of a hill"

BRIGHTWALTON [Bristoldestone] (Old English) tun ="settlement" of Berhtweald's people

BRIGHTWELL [Bristowelle] Bright (Old English) well ="spring, stream"

BRIMPTON [Brintone] (Old English) tun ="settlement" of Brynis's (Old English) -ingas ="tribe, people"

BUCKLAND [Bocheland] (Old English) bocheland ="land held by charter"

BUCKLEBURY [Borchelderie] Burghild's ="a woman" (Old English) burg ="fort, fortified manor"

BURGHFIELD [Borgefelle] (Old English) feld ="open space" by the (Old English) beorg ="hill, grave-mound"

BUSCOT [Boroardescote] Burgweard's (Old English) cot ="cottage or animal shelter"

CARSWELL [Chersvelle] (Old English) well ="spring, stream" where (Old English) caerse ="watercress" grows

CATMORE [Catmere] Wild cat (Old English) mere ="lake"

CAVERSHAM [Cavesham] Cafhere's (Old English) ham ="homestead"

CHADDLEWORTH [Cedeneord] Ceadela's (Old English) worth ="enclosure"

CHALLOW [Ceveslane] Ceawa's (Old English) hlaw ="hill, burial mound"

CHARNEY BASSETT [Cernei] OWelsh carn ="rocks, stony" (Old English) ea ="river"

CHIEVELEY [Civelei] Cifa's (Old English) leah ="wood, glade"

CHILDREY [Celrea] Cilla's (Old English) rith ="small stream"

CHILTON [Ciltone] (Old English) tun ="settlement" of the (Old English) cilda ="children, retainers"

CHOLSEY [Celsea] Ceol's (Old English) eg ="island"

COLESHILL [Coleselle] ONorw kolr ="summit, hill" (Old English) hyll ="hill"

COMPTOM BEAUCHAMP [Contone] (Old English) tun ="settlement" in the (Old English) cumb ="valley"

COMPTON [Contone] (Old English) tun ="settlement" in the (Old English) cumb ="valley"

COOKHAM [Cocheham] (Old English) ham ="homestead" by the (Old English) cocc ="hillock"

COXWELL [Cocheswelle] (Old English) well ="spring, stream" of the (Old English) cocc ="wild bird"

CROOKHAM [Crokeham] (Old English) hamm ="water meadow" on the ? bend?

COMBE [Cumbe] (Old English) cumb ="steep valley"

CUMNOR [Comenore] Cumma's (Old English) ora ="slope" Cumma was Abbot of Abingdon in 730 AD"

DENCHWORTH [Denchesworde] Denic's (Old English) worth ="enclosure"

DONNINGTON [Deritone] (Old English) tun ="settlement" of Dunn's (Old English) -ingas ="tribe, people"

DRAYTON [Draitune] Tun where things boats? wagons? wood? have to be (Old English) draeg ="drag"ed

EARLEY [Erlei] (Old English) ern ="eagle" or (Old English) ear ="gravel" (Old English) leah, lega ="wood"

EASTHAMPSTEAD [Lachenestede] (Old English) hamsted ="homestead" by the (Old English) gaet ="gate"

EATON [Edtune] (Old English) tun ="settlement" on the (Old English) ea="river"

EATON HASTINGS [Etone] (Old English) tun ="settlement" on the (Old English) ea ="river"

ENBORNE [Aneborne] (Old English) ened ="duck" (Old English) burna ="stream"

ENGLEFIELD [Inglefelle] (Old English) feld ="open space" of the Anglians

FARNBOROUGH [Fermeberge] (Old English) fearn ="fern, fernclad" (Old English) beorg ="hill, grave-mound"

FAWLEY [Farellei] Probably fallow deer (Old English) leah ="wood, glade"

FINCHAMPSTEAD [Finchamestede] (Old English) hamsted ="homestead" where finches live

FRILFORD [Frieliford] Frithela's ford

FRILSHAM [Frilesham] Frithel's (Old English) ham ="homestead"

FYFIELD [Fivehide] Five (Old English) hide ="land that could be ploughed in one year"

GARFORD [Warford] Gara's ford

GINGE [Gainz] After a stream. Gaega ="man's name" or (Old English) gaegan ="to divert"

GOOSEY [Gosei] Goose eg ="island"

GREAT FARINGDON [Ferendone] (Old English) fearne ="fern, fernclad" (Old English) dun ="hill"

GREENHAM [Greneham] Green (Old English) ham ="homestead"

HAGBOURNE [Hacheborne] Hacca's (Old English) burna ="stream"

HAMPSTEAD MARSHALL [Hemstede] (Old English) hamsted ="homestead, manor"

HAMSTEAD NORRIS [Hanstede] (Old English) hamstede ="homestead, manor"

HANNEY [Hanlei] (Old English) hana ="wild fowl" (Old English) eg ="island"

HARWELL [Harewelle] (Old English) well ="spring, stream" near the (Old English) har ="grey" hill

HATFORD [Hevaford] Ford by a (Old English) heafod ="headland, hill"

HENDRED [Henret] (Old English) hen ="wildfowl" (Old English) rith ="small stream"

HINTON [Hentone] (Old English) tun ="settlement" on the (Old English) hea ="high" land

HURLEY [Herlei] (Old English) leah ="wood, glade" by the (Old English) hyrne ="corner"

INKPEN [Hingepene] OWelsh pen ="hill" Possibly (Old English) ing ="hill"

KENNINGTON [Chenitun] (Old English) tun ="settlement"of Cena's people

KINGSTON BAGPUIZE [Chingestune] Royal (Old English) tun ="settlement, manor"

KINTBURY [Cheneteberie] (Old English) burg ="fort, fortified manor" on River Kennet

LAMBOURN [Lamborne] (Old English) burna ="stream" where the (Old English) lambs were washed

LECKHAMPSTEAD [Lecanestede] (Old English) hamstede ="homestead, manor" where (Old English) leac ="leeks" grows

LEIGH, BESSELS [Leie] (Old English) leah ="wood, glade".

LETCOMBE BASSETT [Ledencumbe] Probably (Old English) hleda ="seat, ledge" in the (Old English) cumb ="valley" It was held by Richard Basset in 1158. Basset was a nickname, meaning "of low stature".

LETCOMBE REGIS [Ledencumbe] Probably (Old English) hleda ="seat, ledge" in the (Old English) cumb ="valley"

LISLEY, WEST [Hildeslie] Possibly (Old English) laes ="pasture" in the (Old English) leah ="wood, glade"

LITTLEWORTH [Ordia] Little (Old English) worth ="enclosure"

LONGWORTH [Ordam] Long ="as opposed to little" (Old English) worth ="enclosure"

LYFORD [Linford] Ford where the (Old English) lin ="flax" grows

MAIDENHEAD [Elentone] ="Domesday" Probably (Old English) ellern ="elder tree" tun ="settlement"

MARCHAM [Merceham] (Old English) ham ="homestead" where (Old English) merece ="wild celery" grows

MIDGHAM [Migeham] Midge infested (Old English) halh ="nook, corner"

MILTON [Middeltune] (Old English) middel ="middle" (Old English) tun ="settlement"

MORETON [Mortune] (Old English) tun ="settlement" by the (Old English) mor ="moor, fen"

NEWBURY [Ulvritone] ="Domesday" Wolfhere's (Old English) tun ="settlement"

PANGBOURNE [Pangeborne] Panga's (Old English) burna ="stream". The river was called after the man

PEASEMORE [Praxemere] (Old English) mere ="lake" where (Old English) pisen ="peas" grows

PURLEY [Porlaa] (Old English) pur ="bittern" (Old English) leah, lega ="wood, glade"

PUSEY [Pesei] (Old English) pisu ="pea" (Old English) eg ="island"

READING [Redinges] Read's (Old English) -ing ="people". (Old English) readred was a nickname

REMENHAM [Rameham] Probably (Old English) ham ="homestead" by the (Old English) rima ="rim, bank"

SHALBOURNE [Eseldebourne] (Old English) scald ="shallow" (Old English) burna ="stream"

SHAW [Essages] (Old English) scaega ="wood"

SHEFFIELD [Sewelle] (Old English) sceap, scip (Old English) feld ="open space"

SHEFFORD [Siford] (Old English) sceap ="sheep" ford

SHELLINGFIELD [Serengeford] Ford of the Scering tribe. OHGer scaraarmy

SHINFIELD [Selingefelle] Scene's (Old English) feld ="open space"

SHIPPAN [Sipene] (Old English) scipen ="cow-shed"

SHRIVENHAM [Seriveham] Uncertain. ? (Old English) scrifan =" to judge"? (Old English) hamm ="water meadow"

SONNING [Soninges] Sunna's (Old English) -ing ="tribe, people"

SOTWELL [Sotwelle] Either southern (Old English) well ="spring, stream" or Sutta's well

SOUTHCOT [Sudcote] Southern (Old English) cot ="cottage, shelter"

SPARSHOLT [Spersolt] (Old English) holt ="wood" where (Old English) spere="spear" shafts were cut

SPEEN [Spone] Possibly from OWelsh spian ="thorn bush"

STANFORD DINGLEY [Stanworde] (Old English) stan ="stone" (Old English) worth ="enclosure"

STANFORD IN THE DALE [Stanford] (Old English) stan ="stone, stoney" ford

STEVENTON [Stivetune] (Old English) styfic ="tree stump" (Old English) tun ="settlement"

STREATLEY [Estratlei] (Old English) leah ="wood, glade" on the (Old English) stret ="road"

SULHAM [Soleham] (Old English) ham ="homestead" in the (Old English) sulh ="plough furrow, gully"

SUNNINGWELL [Soningwell] (Old English) well ="spring, stream" of Sunna's "tribe, people"

SUTTON COURTENAY [Sudtune] Southern (Old English) tun ="settlement"

SWALLOWFIELD [Soanesfelt] (Old English) feld ="open space" by R Swale ="swirling river."

THATCHAM [Taceham] (Old English) taec ="thatch" (Old English) ham ="homestead"

TUBNEY [Tobenie] Tubba's (Old English) eg ="island".

UFFINGTON [Offentone] Uffa's, or Uffa's people's (Old English) tun ="settlement"

UFTON NERVET [Offetune] Uffa's (Old English) tun ="settlement"

UPTON [Optone] (Old English) upp ="higher" (Old English) tun ="settlement"

WALLINGFORD [Walingford] Ford of Wealh's (Old English) -ingas "tribe, people"

WALTHAM ST LAWRENCE [Waltham] (Old English) ham ="homestead" at the (Old English) wald ="woodland"

WALTHAM, WHITE [Waltham] (Old English) ham ="homestead" at the (Old English) wald ="woodland"

WANTAGE [Wanetinz] Called after a local intermittent stream. ="OE wanianwane"

WARFIELD [Warwelt] (Old English) feld ="open space" by the weir

WARGRAVE [Weregrave] (Old English) graef ="grave" or (Old English) graf ="grove" by the (Old English) wer ="weir"

WASING [Wasince] Possibly (Old English) wagosa ="ploughshare"

WATCHFIELD [Wachenfield] Waeccin's (Old English) feld ="open space"

WELFORD [Waliford] Ford over the (Old English) well ="stream"

WESTON [Westun] Western (Old English) tun ="settlement"

WHISTLEY [Wiselei] (Old English) wisc ="meadow" (Old English) leah ="wood, glade"

WHITLEY [Witelie] White (Old English) leah, lega ="wood, glade"

WINDSOR [Windesores] Where boats were (Old English) windan ="wound" on to the (Old English) ora ="bank"

WINKFIELD [Wenesfelle] Wineca's (Old English) feld ="open space"

WINTERBOURNE [Wintreburne] Winter (Old English) burna ="stream". ie. dry except in winter

WITTENHAM [Witeham] Witta's (Old English) ham ="homestead"

WOKEFIELD [Hocfelle] Wocca's (Old English) feld ="open space"

WOOLLEY [Olvelie] (Old English) Wulf ="wolf" (Old English) leah ="wood, glade"

WOOLHAMPTON [Ollavintone] (Old English) ham ="homestead" of Wulflaf 's (Old English) -ingas ="tribe, people"

WOOLSTONE [Olvricestone] Wulfsige's (Old English) tun ="settlement"

WYTHAM [Witenham] (Old English) ham ="homestead" on the bend. (Old English) wican ="to bend"

YATTENDON [Etingedene] (Old English) denu ="valley" of the people of Eata or of the (Old English) geat ="pass"


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