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  Sun FE Handbook CD
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What's New
Current as of October 2, 2000 erratta list
-This release contains the 20th edition of the FE Handbook as well as updates to the other sections.
- The System Specifications, Product Code Names and Sun Systems Section have also been updated from the last release.
- The spares list has been dropped from this edition of the CD.

Current Products Archived Products
Online Handbook only - not in paper edition
New Product Information added since November 1999. Last Updated 9/18/00
System Specifications Quick Specs by product
FE Handbook Supplement 3rd party products supported by Sun
Product Code Names Internal code names for products
Sun Systems section System-level cross-reference of major components
SPARCstation Voyager Handbook Removed from 19th edition
SPARCstation 10 Handbook Removed from 19th edition
SUN 4/10/15/30 Handbook Removed from 19th edition
Removable Media Handbook Removed from 19th edition
Printer Handbook Removed from 19th edition
Sun-4c Handbook Sun-4c products removed from the 18th Edition. These products will reach End of Support Life (EOSL) in 1999.
SS600MP Handbook SS 630MP/670MP/690MP products removed from 17th Edition. These products will reach End of Suport Life (EOSL) in 1999.
Sun-4 Handbook Sun-4 and Sun-4e products (EOSL = April 1996)
Sun-3 Handbook Sun-3, Sun-3x, and Sun386i products (EOSL = April 1996)
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