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Call the Eruv Hotline at (904) 262-3535 ext. 6 for weekly updates concerning the Eruv.

Etz Chaim Synagogue
10167 San Jose Blvd.
Jacksonville, FL 32257
Tel: (904) 262-3565
Fax: (904) 292-0524





The Eruv of Jacksonville, Inc., has developed and maintains the Eruv within the Mandarin area of Jacksonville under the supervision of Rabbi Manish Spitz of Miami. Rabbi Nosson Kaiser  of Etz Chaim Synagogue serves as Rav Hamachshir. The Eruv represents a milestone in the growth of our community. It has been endorsed by area Rabbis of all affiliations and by Mayor John Delaney and Governor Jeb Bush as a positive community endeavor.

The Eruv begins on Scott Mill Road at the I-295 underpass. Going northward, it includes the Sylvan Lane area and continues along the western side of Scott Mill Rd. to Beauclerc Road. At the intersection of San Jose Blvd. (Route 13), the Eruv follows a southerly path along the western side of San Jose Blvd. At the intersection of Sunbeam Rd., the Eruv makes an easterly turn on the northern side of the road until Hood Road where the border turns south. At Old Hood Road, the Eruv begins its southern border, turning west along Hood Road, crossing Old St. Augustine Road and continuing west along the northern side of Hartley Road where it continues across San Jose Blvd. and reconnects with a fence line along I-295.

The Ramada Inn and LaQuinta Inn are both included within the Eruv. As both hotels are close to the boundary of the Eruv, we suggest you contact the Eruv Hotline for exact Shabbat walking instructions.

For additional information regarding the Eruv please call the Eruv Hotline at (904) 262-3565 Ext:6.