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This website is primarily of historical interest. The main konspire2b network has been offline for a long time at this point. You can still download the software and use it to start your own konspire2b network, but do not expect everything to work the way it is described on this website. I do not want people wasting their time here. With those warnings in mind, enjoy!
--Jason Rohrer

kast beta release available [download now]
(new release as of June 7, 2003)

kast is the first konspire2b-based app. Since it uses a web-based user interface, kast works on almost any modern platform (it can currently be downloaded for five major platforms). kast is a true-native app compiled for your platform--it was not written using java.

with other file sharing apps, you:
with konspire2b-based apps, you:
1. figure out what you want to look for
2. come up with search terms to describe what you're looking for
3. run a search
4. wait for search results to trickle back
5. repeat steps 2 through 4 until you get search results
6. comb through a list of possible downloads
7. start a download
8. repeat steps 6 and 7 until you find a source that is not [behind a firewall, swamped, fake]
9. repeat steps 6 through 8 until you find a source that doesn't cut you off mid-download
10. check out the file that you downloaded
11. repeat steps 1 through 10 until you find a file that you actually like
1. subscribe to channels that match your interests
2. go to bed
3. wake up in the morning to the files that have arrived on your subscribed channels
4. feel certain that the files are legit, thanks to konspire2b's heavy-duty, automatic, digital signatures
5. unsubscribe from channels that disappoint you
6. build trust for a channel owner's tastes over time (owners are completely responsible for what goes out on their channels)
7. spend the time that you used to spend searching doing other less frustrating things (see 8 for a suggestion)
8. start a channel to broadcast your own files