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The V.I.B.E. Machine weighs approx. 85 lbs.  When constructed measures approx. 4' x 2' x 2'

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Getting charged up for health
New electromagnetic device shows promise
for a wide range of disorders

By Teresa Tsalaky
Author of the book, To Life: A Guide to Finding Your Path Back to Health

From the day Nick DeRosa could speak, he stuttered. At age 4, he was in speech therapy, but the problem only got worse. His mother, Karen, began trying all the traditional approaches for curing stuttering, but nothing worked. She turned to alternative methods  acupuncture, cranial-sacral therapy, and homeopathy. Still, nothing worked. "I did everything on the planet. I spent probably tens of thousands of dollars to heal him, but it only became worse and worse," Karen DeRosa said. "Middle school was very stressful for him, because you know how kids can be."

Then she heard about something called the V.I.B.E. machine in Greeley, Colo. It had been reported that it was helping numerous disorders; perhaps it would work for stuttering, DeRosa thought. "At first, I was apprehensive about putting my son in front of something I knew nothing about," she recalls. "But I noticed by the second session, his speech was better."

It took five one-minute sessions in front of the newly invented energy device before Nick DeRosa was free of the affliction that had burdened him for more than a decade.  "After the fifth session, he was able to give a presentation at school without any stuttering or facial tics. His classmates and teacher were blown away," DeRosa said.

DeRosa, an energy healer in Longmont, Colo., was so impressed by the results that she bought one of the $17,800 devices and became a V.I.B.E. practitioner. Like the many other practitioners popping up all over the country, she is learning that she cannot predict how clients will respond to a V.I.B.E. session. Some of the 42 people who have become V.I.B.E. practitioners since the machine was invented in September 2002 are reporting a wide range of results from clients using the machine. Some people report miraculous reports from so-called "incurable" conditions. Others experience nothing more than improved sleep. For example, Dr. Charles Wray, a chiropractor in Ojai, Calif., has seen the machine dramatically improve patients with multiple sclerosis and Parkinson's disease. Other patients have had "unremarkable results," he said.

Dr. James Miles, a naturopathic physician in Georgetown, Texas, has used the V.I.B.E. on more than 100 people so far and has found that no matter what the complaint; the V.I.B.E. machine seems to help. "Doctors started asking what I had done to various patients," Miles said. "I now have about seven medical doctors sending me patients."

Some practitioners are using the V.I.B.E. strictly to help people with illnesses. Others believe the physical healing is just a byproduct  that the V.I.B.E. has a much broader metaphysical purpose. Some suggest the machine is helping to raise the vibrational rate of the planet.

The V.I.B.E. (Vibrational Integration Bio-Photonic Energizer) was invented by Gene Koonce, an electronics technician. He had been trying to create a device that would structure drinking water by putting specific frequencies into it. His goal was to create water that would energize people. One day, a new idea popped into his head: Since the human body is 70 percent water, why not put the frequencies directly into the body? After nearly two years of experimentation, the V.I.B.E. was born.

It puts out an electromagnetic field with a high voltage pulse. A negative voltage is transmitted to an antenna designed to twist the magnetic field and then routed through noble and inert gases. People stand or sit a few feet away from the machine, which is about four feet tall and has a circular arrangement of small tubes sitting atop one large tube. The large tube contains a copper coil. The small tubes hold the gases and emit photons when the V.I.B.E. is turned on. Koonce believes that "disease is a state of non-vibrating, non-charged or non-energized cells," and the V.I.B.E. recharges the cells so the body can function optimally.

Biophysicist David Walker, who used a cell-charging device to help cure his own cancer, explains the relationship between cellular energy and disease: A healthy cell contains 90 millivolts of energy. When a free radical attaches to a cell, it punches a hole in the cell's membrane and damages DNA and enzyme systems. The cell's energy drops. At 50 millivolts, the cell is sick; at 15, it's cancerous. Walker explains that the DNA in each cell has a telomore strand that becomes dormant when a cell loses energy. As a result, the cell mutates. The body would typically destroy these mutated cells, but the gene in charge of destroying mutated cells does not operate correctly at low voltage. This, Walker says, is how disease begins.

Dr. Jake Johnston, an emergency room physician who is seeking funding to do clinical trials with the V.I.B.E., said that increasing cell voltage is just one way the machine may impact health. He says that because coherent energy patterns create structure and form, the V.I.B.E.'s energy field is probably organizing the structural components of the cell. He explains, "If you change the cell's capacitance  its ability to store energy  you can change calcium and magnesium channels, insulin receptors and a host of other cellular components." Dr. Miles theorizes that the V.I.B.E. works partly because its electromagnetic field moves the lymph system, allowing the body to get rid of accumulated toxins and pathogens.

Various healing professionals agree that it probably re-establishes the optimum frequency of all the body's cells and tissues. By putting the body in an electromagnetic field with full-spectrum harmonics, each part of the body picks out its optimum vibratory rate and begins resonating to it, thereby being restored to its optimum oscillation rate, they say.  Perhaps that's why users have reported results with a wide variety of ailments:

● A man from Greeley who was supposed to die from lung cancer within 16 months is cancer-free after five months of using the V.I.B.E. It’s Dan’s opinion that the VIBE machine allowed the body to heal itself. Did the energy of the VIBE Machine increase the vibrational level of his body, allowing his body to heal itself?

● A woman from Boulder, Colo., who suffered chronic pain since a car accident in 1996, is pain-free after three sessions.

● A man from Lafayette, Colo., with diabetes and kidney problems was given the choice of a kidney transplant or dialysis. He credits the V.I.B.E. machine with allowing him to avoid both and for dropping his blood sugar from 170 to 81.

Other reports include improvements in everything from arthritis and colitis to thyroid problems and warts. It seems particularly effective at reducing pain and reversing cancer. It is Johnston’s opinion that "It seems to have incredible healing capabilities." Most commonly, V.I.B.E. users report sleeping deeply at night and having increased energy during the day.

Practitioners charge from $20 to $35 per session, with some offering discounts for a series of sessions. Inventor Koonce discovered that the success rate increased dramatically when people focused on their healing goal while using the machine; the percentage of people returning for future sessions jumped from 67 to 93.

Naturopath Miles predicts that the V.I.B.E. will one day be in widespread use throughout the world. "This is still new territory, but it's like a grassfire. It starts small with one match, then here comes a big, old wind. Once it catches on, you better hang on for the ride."

Healing Path Magazine
November/December 2003

Good Vibrations!
By Steven Johnson
THP Staff Writers

Readers first saw this strange machine advertised on our back cover in the July/August issue. Then, we published an article about it in our Sept/Oct issue. It is the Vibrational Integration Bio-Photonic Energizer, or VIBE machine.

The testimonials on the manufacturer’s Web site and the first-person stories we’re hearing are all so positive and impressive that we decided we’d look beneath the surface to find more of the story and the human interest behind each one.

First, we spoke with a woman in Louisville who prefers to remain anonymous, but she was happy to tell us her story. Some six years ago, she was injured in a car accident and suffered whiplash, spinal effects and some brain damage. She had undergone shamanic and soul-retrieval work with Gwilda Wiyaka, owner of True Nature Center for Healing in Longmont. “I was experiencing a lot of turmoil in my life,” she said. She described symptoms similar to anxiety attacks. Gwilda, whose appointment schedule was full, referred her to the VIBE machine “… in order to help her raise her frequency with the intent that she increase her personal boundaries until we could get together.”

The woman was skeptical about using a machine but decided to go ahead. After her first short session, she reported, “I was absolutely exhausted from the first session. I felt happier and calmer and more confident with the situations that were causing turmoil in my life.” She also noted that the pain in her skull “flared up like it had in the car accident,” an effect that lasted about two hours. Later, after her second session, she experienced a delightfully unexpected result. Because of the car accident, she had difficulty reading, often skipping lines and not remembering the names of characters after turning the page. Suddenly, she could read more easily and quickly, saying, “I am able to track lines much better.” She adds that she plans to take more sessions and to send some friends in for sessions with the device.

The VIBE machine, in simple terms, is an array of tubes filled with various special gases, hooked to a Tesla coil. Together, they generate an electromagnetic field that bathes an individual in beneficial frequencies, vibrations and magnetic resonances. It emits a slight buzzing noise, and the tubes glow with a variety of colors.

Invented by Gene Koonce of Greeley, it is an extension of the work originally pioneered by Lahovsky and, later, Rife. It has long been the theory among healers using sound and light that by bathing a body, or an organ, in the correct frequency spectrum, a diseased organ would then function again at its proper frequency, restoring it to health. Koonce emphasizes that the VIBE machine produces effects mostly upon the water molecules in the body, restructuring them into clear crystalline-like structures similar to photos seen with the work of Dr. Emoto of Japan (see the May/June 2002 issue of The Healing Path). For this reason, he emphasizes that individuals undergoing sessions with the machine drink plenty of water beforehand.

We also spoke with a Fort Collins woman who, in her late forties, had been experiencing digestive difficulties and gall bladder problems. She spoke of pain, tightness, gas and the fact that a variety of medical tests had come up with nothing. She then tried natural remedies including eating less, doing cleansing diets, fasting, herbs and supplements. These were helpful, but not completely effective. Then she tried the VIBE machine. She was delighted when, after three sessions, she was pain-free for the first time in three years and was able to go on vacation “without worrying about what I was eating.”

This woman has had nine sessions, increasing her exposure time from two minutes up to nine minutes. “I’m not 100% cured,” she says, “but I’m pain-free.” She also noted that her sleep patterns had improved. “I don’t wake up tired anymore,” she says, and adds, “I have a lot more energy now than I’ve had in years. I love it and I plan to continue!”

Desiree Greeno of Greeley also experienced better sleep patterns after using the VIBE machine. She had suffered from depression and had been on medications for over 10 years, including a daily 20-mg. dosage of Prozac for the last two years. She is now in her mid-thirties. After her first session with the VIBE machine, she felt better and has stopped taking the medication. “I handle situations a lot better now. I think the machine is a wonderful thing,” she exclaimed. She used to be shy in social situations, she said, “but now I can strike up conversations, even with strangers.” She says she sleeps much better now, and her energy is “way up.” She also noted that she is a blood donor and says, “I noticed my platelet count has gone way up.”

Jenny Garcia uses her legs a lot, spending her days walking the concrete floor of her Tropical Sno shop in Greeley. For the last eight years she has suffered problems with her Achilles tendons and was limping badly. Her knees were beginning to ache too. She tried a program of cortisone shots and spent several weeks in a cast. When these treatments didn’t help, she was advised to get surgery. She tried some reflexology and massage treatments, but when these didn’t resolve the problem, she reluctantly set up an appointment to arrange the surgery. Then she found out about the VIBE machine from her neighbor, Colleen Fee, a homeopath who also operates a VIBE machine in her Greeley practice, Wind Water Healing Arts.

Jenny tried the VIBE machine, saying, “What did I have to lose?” After one session, her knees stopped hurting. She immediately cancelled her planned surgery. She continued to use VIBE sessions daily and now reports, “It makes me feel good — it energizes me and keeps me going all day.” Jenny has also experienced better sleep and says, “I’m relaxed enough now to go to sleep without help from TV or Advil. It makes me feel good. It’s a feel-good machine.”

Some reports have been less conclusive, but not one we’ve heard has been negative. One woman we talked to reported that after she started VIBE sessions, she passed a large mass of intestinal parasites that other medical tests, including scope tests, had not detected. However, she was unable to determine if this was the result of the VIBE machine or of a program of essential oils treatments that she had begun at the same time.

The story of Jack Triplett leaves no uncertainties though. Jack had known Gene Koonce, the VIBE machine inventor, for many years in his job as an auto mechanic. Jack, now 64, was diagnosed with cancer. Surgeons removed his spleen and most of his pancreas. They recommended chemotherapy, but the chemotherapists told Jack they didn’t think it would help. The doctors felt he had at most a year to live. They also told him he would never be able to work again.

When Gene heard this, he promptly got Jack to try the VIBE machine. Jack began the sessions three weeks after leaving the hospital. Jack says that it took a week before he noticed any changes, but now he says, “I haven’t felt this good for over two years. My energy level is great!” He is confident that some upcoming blood tests will show that his cancer is gone, noting that “someone with cancer can’t feel this good!” He sums up his experience with Gene and the VIBE machine by saying, “He saved my life.” Jack is now happily back at work, repairing cars.

Nexus Magazine
January/February 2004

Plugging into better health
By Lisa Barr

Hands-on therapies don't always use the hands. Two of the newest modalities, the VIBE machine and ELT, use machines to affect the body's energies. "If a machine can be designed to create frequencies that support health and balance, then they can be effective in optimizing the body's energy in a beneficial manner," says Rich Israel, author of The Natural Pharmacy Product Guide (Avery Publishing Group, 1991). Ready to see if a machine can zap away your pain? Read on for the latest in high-tech healing.

The VIBE machine

Greeley resident Gene Koonce, who's been in the electronics business for 28 years, invented the Vibrational Integrated Bio-Photonic Energizer (VIBE). Driven to help boost the human body’s vibrational level, Koonce started experimenting with using electrical frequencies to energize water, to sell to people to boost energy. At one point during his experiments, the water turned blue. "As any inventor would do, I drank it," says Koonce.

While his energy did increase, the charge in the water only lasted 20 minutes. "So then I thought if we can build a device where the individual can sit in front of it, we can charge up the body and give the body energy," says Koonce. His VIBE invention combined the technologies of energy machines built in the early 1900s by Georges Lakhovsky, a Russian engineer and Royal Rife, a scientist from San Diego. He also studied the works of Nikola Tesla, a Croatian-born American physicist who pioneered the use of AC (alternating current) power. Koonce began offering VIBE sessions to patrons of his electronics store in November 2002. A month later, he began making and selling the nearly four-foot-tall VIBE machines to individuals and existing holistic practitioners.

According to Koonce, VIBE is based on Lakhovsky’s idea that as the voltage in the cells decreases, so does health. Like little batteries, if the voltage of the cells increases, then they will function better. VIBE uses photons to increase the voltage of the cells as well as bio-photonic light, which is the frequency our DNA uses to communicate. This means our body’s communication system improves: messages sent from one part of the body can travel faster and communicate more efficiently with other parts.

When you arrive for a session with the VIBE machine, you’ll first meet with the practitioner, fill out a few forms and talk about your current health concerns. The practitioner then decides how long you’ll sit in front of the machine—usually between one and 10 minutes. The more serious the condition, the lower the initial exposure; practitioners say if toxins move out of the body too quickly, it can spur a “healing crisis,” marked by exhaustion, headaches and flu-like symptoms. You’ll sit in a room, on a chair, in front of the machine, for the designated period of time. You may feel something, you may feel nothing.

VIBE devotees say they felt almost immediate—and dramatic—results. In June 2003, Jack Triplett, a mechanic from Greeley, was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and underwent surgery to remove his spleen and most of his pancreas. Still, his follow-up blood tests looked grim. He sat in front of the VIBE machine as recommended by Koonce, first for one minute daily. After about a week, he had the strength to get out of bed on his own, and has been a VIBE believer ever since. He purchased a VIBE machine and has worked himself up to 10-minute daily sessions since he was introduced to VIBE over two months ago. “I wouldn’t miss a day,” says Triplett, whose recent blood tests have all come back normal.

Testimonials attribute the VIBE machine with improving a variety of conditions, from halting snoring and curing speech impediments, to zapping back pain and cancer. One VIBE client said that after one session, she felt as though she had just come back from a week long meditation retreat.

The cost per session ranges from $20 to $35. Some patients go only once; others set up session plans over the course of weeks, depending on the nature and severity of their conditions.

Electro-lymphatic therapy (ELT)

The lymphatic system is a vast sewage network that carries cellular debris from the body, and is a key to healthy immune functions. Made up of nodes, tonsils, spleen, thymus gland, lymphocytes, lymph fluid and capillaries, it’s like a team of garbage collectors, filtering out, gathering up and taking out all the unnecessary trash we accumulate in everyday life. According to G. Simon de Montfort, inventor of Electro Lymphatic Therapy (ELT), if trash or toxins accumulate, the lymphatic system becomes stagnant, creating the perfect environment for disease to set in. De Montfort says that a clogged lymphatic network means a congested blood system as well: the waste of the blood cells has nowhere to go, and cells cannot do their job properly when there’s garbage in the way.

Lymph fluid contains proteins, dead cells and bacteria. Electro-lymphatic therapy (ELT) uses a wand with a glass head that contains ionic chambers and gases, which disperse photons or little packets of energy that cascade through the body to dissolve any obstructions in the fluid systems of the body, according to de Montfort. ELT charges the material in the lymph system, separating it so the waste can then leave the body.

"The red cells in a healthy person have a negative charge on them because of the chemical coating on the cell itself," de Montfort says. "In an unhealthy person, they clump together and cannot efficiently deliver the oxygen into the tissue." When a congested lymphatic system is cleared, it eases up the pressure on blood capillaries. “Just by clearing things out, your body can then heal itself.”

ELT was more than 20 years in the making. De Montfort was working at the Miami Heart Institute on blood complications in the elderly. During his research, de Montfort discovered that finding a way to separate the blood cells from each other could boost the effectiveness of the lymphatic system. He began experimenting with a machine that would create that separation then took his device to MIT to have its energy fields checked. The machine proved to be safe. Nearly two decades later, in 1999, de Montfort began making and selling ELT devices.

ELT is said to be effective for a wide variety of conditions, ranging from cellulite and sinus problems to TMJ, asthma and muscle pains, as well as many ailments that don’t respond well to conventional treatments, such as fibromyalgia, cysts, fibroids and colitis. During a session, you’ll first be interviewed for any health complaints, then you’ll lie down on a massage table, fully clothed, and a practitioner will apply the head of the ELT machine to your skin to stimulate the lymphatic system. The cost is about $30 for half an hour, the average length of time for a session. The more “congestion” you have, the shorter the session—again, because of the possibility of a so-called healing crisis. How you respond to ELT will determine the length of your treatment, but most clients go at least twice to benefit.

"Cindy" (not her real name), a bookkeeper from Denver, suffered from severe carpal tunnel syndrome. Twenty minutes into her first ELT session, she says her left hand—which had been in constant pain—suddenly stopped hurting completely. Afterwards, she was told to drink plenty of water and take extra vitamin C. She returned for a second session with extreme pain and numbness in her right thumb. Afterwards, she says, her thumb pain completely vanished and has never returned.

Most anyone can use the VIBE and ELT machines, though pregnant women or anyone with a pacemaker, defibrillator or any electrical implant aren’t good candidates. Also, if you’re under the care of a homeopath, be aware that the machines could counteract the remedies.

And while VIBE and ELT devotees are enthusiastic, skeptics say the machines are a bunch of hooey. “Things like this that are based solely on wild speculation are never right,” says one physician, who asked to remain anonymous. “I would like to see the data to support this claim. You won't find any research to refute it—but you probably won't find any meaningful research on it at all.”

Be that as it may, many high-tech healing enthusiasts swear the machines have zapped their pain away. If you’re out of ideas about a health condition, it may be worth the $30 or so to see.   



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