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There has been no change to the situation of the Great Fingall Mine Office. The Shire of Cue has advised the National Trust of Australia (WA) that while several State and Federal politicians have visited the place in the last few years, there have not been any firm commitments to funding for its conservation.

Great Fingall Mine Office

Great Fingall Mine Office

Location: Day Dawn, via Cue

Nominated by: Shire of Cue

Threat: Location and associated environment poses threat to building

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The Great Fingall Mine Office was built in 1902. It is a solidly built single-storey stone building in the Federation Italianate style with a pitched gable corrugated iron roof. It is the only intact structure remaining in the Day Dawn townsite.

The Great Fingall Mine Office has historic significance for its association with the Great Fingall Consolidated Gold Mining company, which operated from 1898 to 1918 in the town of Day Dawn. The building is also important as it is representative of the gold boom in Western Australia at this time, and the cycle of growth and decline experienced by Australian mining towns.

Gold was discovered in Day Dawn in 1891, and due to the large amounts of gold uncovered in the mine, was a key factor for the extension of railway facilities into the area in 1897.

The location of the Great Fingall Mine office is within 5-15 metres of an open cut mining pit. The building has suffered damage from fly rock, as a result of blasting, and the ground on which it stands is unstable. In addition, the effects of vandalism and exposure to the natural elements over the years, has left the building in a poor condition.

The local shire in recent years has sort funding for relocating the building to a more suitable and stable site, but with no success.

Outcome Sought

Further research is required in identifying alternative options, if any, for retention and use of the site. Community concensus should then be sought, identifying potential use and application of the site, and its future role within the local community, and surrounding mining heritage sites.

The site has broader relevance in relation to the remote rural homesteads of Australia and the issues regarding a national approach to retention and documentation of Australia�s built heritage.

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