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It's a Secret to Everybody: Into the Fire

By Mike Hummel



Who’s kidding whom? No one ever reads these articles before first jumping to the card previews. I’ve come to accept this, and I’ve extended the courtesy of saving you precious seconds of scrolling. Now that you’ve read the cards, welcome to the third expansion of the World of Warcraft Trading Card Game, Fires of Outland. I can only hope that the above cards have inspired reactions ranging from ZOMG to ROFLOL to WTB FoO!


As I mentioned in my last preview article, Fires of Outland has 246 new cards, including 18 heroes and 3 Loot cards. Fires will not have starter decks, but oversize versions of the hero cards will be available through the UDE Points Store. With Fires of Outland, we’ve continued to build upon cards and designs found in the first two sets.


Take Latro’s Shifting Sword, for example. In Through the Dark Portal, we introduced the card Dual Wield, which allows melee classes to swing two Melee weapons per combat. We’ve continued this design direction in Fires of Outland by grafting the power directly onto a weapon. Latro’s Shifting Sword is one of a cycle of weapons in Fires of Outland that has the dual wield power built in. If that wasn’t enough, it also reduces the strike cost of your other Swords by 2. If you have two Shifting Swords, they each have a strike cost of 0 and an ATK of 3. And yes, the Sword is named after the Heroes of Azeroth ally Latro Abiectus. (No, I don’t know why Latro is using maces instead of swords on his card image. I can only assume he re-spec’d.)


Now that we’ve covered the mythical Latro and his Shifting Sword, let’s explore a real-life “man behind the myth.” If asked, Blizzard’s Shawn Carnes will tell you it’s pure coincidence that he bears a striking resemblance to Shawn of the Dead (it’s mostly the fingers). The two do, however, share a lot in common. For example, both are men of great power, influence, and rotting decomposition. Following in the footsteps of Ophelia Barrows, Shawn is another Undead Warrior who enjoys mixing it up with the graveyard. While Ophelia is defensive in nature, Shawn is all about attacking. The best offense is, after all, more offense.


In addition to quests usable by both Horde and Alliance, Fires includes a new cycle of faction-specific quests. For those of you who have completed the “Corki’s Ransom” quest in the MMO, you know that the running gag with Corki is that you end up having to save him three times. This is mirrored in the TCG, where the bounce component of this quest allows you to rescue Corki multiple times and draw a card for your efforts each time. Once you’ve reached a point in the game when placing a new resource starts to have diminishing returns, you can switch to the Corki plan and begin to double your card drawing. 


Players will first be able to get their hands on Fires of Outland at upcoming Sneak Preview events that will be held on August 11 and 12. Be sure to check back here regularly for additional preview articles and information on the three in-game Loot items. We’ll also tell you about cool new Organized Play swag, including the exclusive Sneak Preview promotional card, and the Fires of Outland Release Celebrations.


Tune in next week when set lead developer Ken Ho (Brian Kibler was busy raiding when I designed this set) writes about one of his favorite new cards from the expansion.


I think that covers everything. Let’s see, this article brought you information about the new Fires of Outland set; it brought you three exciting preview cards; and it brought you details about upcoming World of Warcraft TCG events. Did I leave anything out? Oh yeah, there’s one last thing . . .  





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