Honour And Passion
Every Mon-Fri, 9pm

A military man and his four children grapple with intricate love issues, National Service and a dangerous terrorist group.

Cast: Tay Ping Hui, Bryan Wong, Nathaniel Ho, Rui En, Huang Wenyong, Hong Huifang, Felicia Chin, Dawn Yeoh, Pierre Png, Ix Shen, Constance Song, Vincent Ng.

From July 24, every weekday at 9pm
Total no. of episodes: 20

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The Four Treasures of the Bao Family

Bao Wenwei (Rui En) is the third child in the family. Her father is Bao Pengju (Huang Wenyong) and she has two elder brothers and a younger brother. She is the only female in the family since her mother died of cancer when she was only nine years old. Their father, Pengju, a full-time soldier, is saddled with the roles of both father and mother, and though he loves his brood dearly, maintains a strict mien. The household is run under strict rules, and there is no exception for the girl in the family either.

The eldest, Bao Wenjing (Tay Ping Hui) is a Commando Officer and Pengju’s biggest pride and joy. The calm, intelligent and highly skilled Wenjing is very much valued by the SAF. Women tend to swoon at the sight of the tall, well-built Wenjing, but when in contact with a lady that he likes, Wenjing’s mind turns blank and he puts on a cool front. This is why he has never had a girlfriend.

Bao Wenzhong (Bryan Wong), the second elder brother, is a computer engineer as well as an active NSman. He is also the peacemaker and counselor in the family. Wenzhong is easygoing in nature with a good sense of humour, which naturally makes him the object of affection for many women. However, Wenzhong is full of ideals on the subject of love, and still has not had a girlfriend. This is because he believes he has yet to meet ‘The One’.

The youngest, Bao Wenguo (Nathaniel Ho), has just graduated from a polytechnic and is waiting enlistment for National Service. To help prepare Wenguo for the army days ahead, Pengju forces the frustrated Wenguo to undergo daily physical training. To add on to Wenguo woes, Pengju constantly compares Wenguo to the outstanding performance of his two brothers. This makes Wenguo really resent enlistment. He even tries to escape the call-up by faking illness. Naturally, Pengju sees through all his antics and subjects Wenguo to a round of severe scolding and beatings. After enlistment, Wenguo unexpectedly discovers that his father’s earlier training allows him to excel among the fellow new recruits. During his course, Wenguo gradually realises the significance of military training, and begins to understand the importance of unity and responsibility. He finds himself maturing in the process.

The Sassy Lady Officer

A chance encounter with Ouyang Peipei (Felicia Chin) at the swimming pool, a Captain and an instructor with the School of Artillery, leaves Wenjing infatuated with her. He tries to strike a conversation when he meets her at a familiarization course later on, but his ‘coolness’ acts up.

While doing research for the advertisement, Wenwei gets to know female army office Ouyang Peipei. During her interaction with Peipei, Wenwei discovers that Peipei is intricately linked with two of her brothers: Wenjing and Peipei were acquainted during their military training, while Wenzhong and Peipei were secondary school classmates. The very feminine Peipei is the dream lover of many men. Wenjing is merely one of many who have fallen for her. Wenjing wishes to try and win her affection, but every time he comes close to her, his mind turns blank and he is rendered tongue-tied again. This, to Peipei, is a sign of weakness and she forms a bad impression of Wenjing. Touched by Wenjing’s sincerity, she decides to give him a chance and goes on dates with him, but realises that there are considerable differences between them.

In fact, Peipei has been in love with Wenzhong. The feminine yet tough Peipei has always liked Wenzhong ever since they were in secondary school. However, Wenzhong has only treated her as a friend and is aware of his brother’s affections for this sassy officer. Never one to admit defeat, Peipei believes that she will win his love one day as long as she perseveres.

The Devoted Companion

Liu Yamei (Hong Huifang) has been colleagues with Pengju in the army. She has always been secretly in love with him, and takes good care of the four Bao children. She used to frequent the Bao family home, making sure everything was running smoothly, doing everything the lady of the house would. Yamei has often been arranged to go for matchmaking sessions by her relatives, and has come across candidates with good credentials. But she is always picking on everything she can think of, and no one seems to be good enough. This is because she is still waiting for Pengju. The Bao children are also aware of her feelings for their father, and thus do their best to bring them together. Pengju is also aware of her devotion to him, but he simply cannot forget his dead wife. Thus, he is still unable to bring himself to accept Yamei.

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