Thursday, September 14, 2006

Scientology expose film on the Internet Archive
An independant film-maker has made a fictional movie that purports to document the goings-on in the Church of Scientology. He worked with noted Scientology critics
Operation Clambake on the production, called "The Bridge."

The CoS is notorious for suing and harrassing its critics, having abused copyright law in the past to censor web-based criticism. Brett Hanover, the filmmaker, has released his one-hour picture onto the net, hosting copies at the Internet Archive and Google Video. It's not a bad movie -- it moves a little slow, some of the dialog is stilted, but not bad for an indie feature shot in five days, and the information about the Church jibes with my own research into its practices. Link (Thanks, Modemac!)

Update: Chris sez, "Brett Hanover's last film 'Above God' was a surprisingly insightful documentary about Dr. Gene Ray, the Time Cube guy. It won Best Hometown Documentary at last year's Indie Memphis Film Festival. Brett is very young, and a product of the burgeoning Memphis independant movie scene, working with the Media Co-Op. He has a great future ahead of him."

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