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Background score for 'Sivaji' mixed in London!

Apr 11, 2007, 09:45

'Sivaji' audio sales is going great guns. On the Internet also, 'Sivaji' songs are the most downloaded. 'Sivaji' songs are blaring out from the corner shop to the star hotels.

Shankar has seen to it that 'Sivaji' should be the most excellent in Tamil films as far as cinematography, stunts, art, editing and songs are concerned. So, could the background score be far behind? So Shankar is after AR Rehman to create waves with the background music too.

Rehman has been getting his music in Chennai, Mumbai and so on. Now, work is on to get the music together in London where facilities are most favorable. Moreover, as far as his music work is concerned, AR Rehman does his important work in London.

'Sivaji' re-recording has happened in Paraguay also. As Rehman is working on his music in various places around the world, expectations are high.

If the background score is also released as a CD, maybe the audio sales will create another record.

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