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Welcome to the website of the Australian Historical Association. The AHA was founded in 1973 and is the premier national organization of historians, academic, professional and other, working in all fields of history. Its members number around 700, including universities, libraries and other affiliates. AHA conferences are held annually and a number of prizes, awards and Honorary Fellowships are offered. The Executive Committee of the AHA draws its members from all over the country, while its Secretariat is currently located at Macquarie University.

Through this website, the Australian Historical Association offers a dynamic flow of information, images and commentary to its members and the public. This complements the exciting directions taken in the online version of the AHA’s refereed journal, History Australia, published by Monash ePress. In addition, this website has an online registration facility. Just go to the 'About-Membership' page.

Our website offers further information on historians in Australia, AHA executive committee members past and present, becoming a member of the AHA, History Australia, AHA prizes, and the national and international role of the Australian Historical Association.

For further information about the Australian Historical Association, please contact the Executive Officer on: theaha@humn.mq.edu.au.

The AHA acknowledges with thanks the generous support of the AHA Secretariat by Macquarie University, Charles Darwin University (2002-2004), the University of Sydney (2004-2006), and the Australian National University (from 2006).

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