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Iowa Straw Poll

A Look at the Iowa GOP
Listen to the Iowa Press panel discuss the state and direction of the Iowa GOP with its chairman, Kayne Robinson. -- In RealAudio. (Courtesy of Iowa Press)

Candidates Caught in the Pack
Will the media's spotlight on George W. Bush mean the end of other Republican's campaigns? (8/6)

Enter George W. Bush
George W. Bush kicked off his campaign in Iowa -- and the media was there in force. (6/14)

Post-Ames Analysis
Two Washington Post reporters discuss the meaning of the Straw Poll results. (8/16)

George W. Bush - 7418 (31%)
Steve Forbes - 4921 (21%)
Elizabeth Dole - 3410 (14%)
Gary Bauer - 2114 (9%)
Patrick Buchanan - 1719 (7%)
Lamar Alexander - 1428 (6%)
Alan Keyes - 1101 (5%)
Dan Quayle - 916 (4%)
Orrin Hatch- 558 (2%)

The First Test?
Margaret Warner looks at preparations for the Iowa straw poll. Will the poll's results make or break campaigns? (8/13)

Behind the Straw Poll
A look at the history of the Iowa straw poll and why it means so much in today's politics. (8/13)

Political Wrap
Paul Gigot and Tom Oliphant discuss the political weight of the Iowa straw poll. (8/13)

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