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After the election of the judges, the Court organizes itself into Appeals, Pre-Trial and Trial Divisions and respective Chambers of the Court.

During its first resumed session held in New York from 3 to 7 February 2003, the Assembly of States Parties elected the eighteen judges of the Court for a term of office of three, six, and nine years. The judges constitute a forum of international experts that represents the world's principal legal systems.

Seven were elected from the Western European and others Group of States (WEOG), four from the Latin American and the Caribbean Group of States (GRULAC), three from the Asian Group of States, three from the African Group of States , one from the Group of Eastern Europe. Seven are female and eleven are male judges.

The judges were elected from two lists:

  • LIST A: Consisting of candidates with established competence in criminal law and procedures, and the necessary relevant experience, whether as judge, prosecutor, advocate, or in other similar capacity in criminal proceedings.
  • LIST B: Consisting of candidates with established competence in relevant areas of international law, such as international humanitarian law and the law of human rights, and extensive experience in a professional legal capacity which is of relevance to the judicial work of the Court.

All the judges are nationals of States Parties to the Rome Statute.

The judges can hold office for a term of nine years and are not eligible for re-election, except for the cases provided by the Rome Statute. The judges elected for a term of three years are eligible for re-election.

The Presidency, acting on behalf of the Court, can propose to increase the number of the judges, if it is considered necessary and appropriate, the Registry then will circulate the proposal to all States Parties for final discussion by the Assembly of States Parties.

The judiciary of the Court is composed of three divisions:

  1. Pre-Trial Division
  2. Trial Division
  3. Appeals Division

Each division is responsible for carrying out the judicial functions of the Court.

The Appeals Division is composed of the President and four other judges, the Trial Division of the Second Vice President and five other judges, and the Pre-Trial Divisions of the First Vice President and six other judges.

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