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We arrived back in the USA on July 2nd. After clearing all of the equipment, and filing a report on Chris’s broken Les Paul neck, we piled on the bus and drove to Clearwater, FL. The next morning we sat around the breakfast table and talked about all the highlights of the trip to Amsterdam. There were quite a few memorable moments!

That afternoon we paid a visit to Okeefe’s Restaurant. It was a very good feeling to be back in a place that we had spent so much time as a young band. I guess that was one of our favorite hangouts. Thank you everyone for such a warm welcome and GREAT food.

The show later that afternoon was amazing. The city of Clearwater went all out! We really appreciated all the fine detail at the venue. That was one of the most well organized shows we have played all year. It was great to be back with our friends from the Starship, Mason Dixon and Q105, and all of the sponsors of the event. Thank you all!

We had a long week after that but it was really nice to be back on the Volunteer Jam Tour again. We had a blast out there this past trip with everyone jamming with the one another’s band. We don’t want it to ever end.

In Pittsburgh we filmed a special video for the 75th Anniversary of the Pittsburgh Steelers. Look for that to be shown at the home games this season. The crowd participation part was perfect! Thanks Guys!!!

We’ve got a week off at home and then it’s off to New York. Come on out there and let’s party in Middletown!

Talk soon,



Has it been that long?

Hi Everyone!

I can’t believe how long it’s been since I sat down and blogged the adventures of the Outlaws. If you had looked at the schedule you’d probably realize that I haven’t been home a lot. There will be a new laptop headed my way soon. My PDA has given up and so have I with trying to do anything but use it as a toy.

Back a few weeks ago we had a really great time up in the Blue Ridge Mountains and even made it back to Stuart, Florida in time to play the next night. That was a rough trip on all of us with having to drive back to Richmond, fly to West Palm, and then dive up to Stuart. But you know, it was all worth it to play two shows at the Lyric Theater. As always, thank you Lyric for making it one of the best experiences possible!

I think it was about the 28th of June that the band converged on my apartment in Orlando that afternoon. We all met here and drove together to the Orlando International Airport for the flight to Amsterdam. Now that was rough too! Nine hours of looking at each other just about took its toll. I mean, what do you do for that long without going crazy?

We finally arrived in Amsterdam and luckily we were saying at a hotel right at the airport. It was sometime the next morning I think. EARLY the next morning. I rushed straight to the nearest European coffee shop and had a triple. Somewhere coffee lost its translation between Europe and America. The coffee there is to die for and I drank as much as I could without irritating other band members (running wildly through the airport at all hours)

We almost didn’t make it to the festival. When we finally got within about ten miles of the site, it looked like Woodstock. Traffic backed up for miles. The promoter had to send a police escort so that we could drive down the lane with oncoming traffic. It worked great!

The Arrow Rock Festival was Awesome! We saw a ton of players from a lot of the groups that we hadn’t seen in years. It was great catching up with everyone. There was good news out of this long trip as well. They are working on putting us back in Europe for a three or four week run sometime next year. That will include some festivals as well as club and theaters across Europe. Sounds like more coffee for me!!!

Thanks for being patient with me and I’ll try to keep up a little better.

All for now,



California Dreamin’

And that’s what it was after we spent two days off in Phoenix, AR. After the show at the Dodge Theater. It was a nice stay but it was hot! I know, it was only dry heat! But for some reason, a hundred and eight is a hundred and eight! It did make for some quality time in the pool and Jacuzzi…

We soon headed to the Pala Casino in southern California, just north of San Diego, where the conditions were perfect. It felt like Florida in the winter. Mid-sixties for a high and down to the lower fifties during the evenings. That’s my kind of climate! From there we worked out of the hotel and went up to the Coach House and played the first night. It was great to see all of our fans that made it out. It was also cool getting to do our regular ninety minute set. The next night we did a show in the Cabaret theater at the Pala. This was after the CDB and the MTB had played out in the amphitheater earlier that evening. San Diego was the following night where the air got even cooler. That was a really nice surprise.

We finished up the two week run with a night at The Konocti Resort up in the wine country and the last stop in Mountain View. As a computer Geek you know I was freaking out at the sight of such companies as Google and Yahoo in Silicon Valley. The whole town of Mountain View was hooked up for “free” WiFi! WOW!

We had an awesome ending to a great West Coast run. It also brought our very own JB and his daughter Meredith, keeping all the boys in check, along with our manager Charlie Brusco and his wife Cindy. And as a special guest star our merchandise vendor Casey Compton, and the gang from Sweet Maria’s Coffee. (The coffee was incredible.)

We’ll be heading out to Virginia soon. Thank you all for coming!



Leaving Denver…
We left Denver after Thursday night’s show at The Fillmore with a lot of great memories. Thanks to all of the fans and friends that made it so much fun. And a special thanks to Trevor Price for coming to the show and hanging out with us. Trevor helped us tremendously with our web site over a year ago, and does the same and more for Big Head Todd & the Monsters, a really cool band from the Denver area. Thanks Trevor!
The next night, we rocked under a full moon and a nice breeze in Salt Lake City. Conditions couldn't have been better and you people had lots of energy to keep us going!
On Saturday night we played Phoenix and enjoyed ourselves immensely. Thanks for the warm welcome, and for entertaining us on our two days off before traveling to California.
Today it's back on the bus and on our way to the Coach House in San Juan Capistrano. See you there,


KRFX 103.5 FM ROCKS!!!

How can you describe Lewis and Floorwax in the morning? I mean EARLY for us! Two of the most gracious radio show hosts in the business... and the most outrageous. Floorwax even talked Hughie into playing GG&HT in it's entirety on live radio, GENIUS.

Thank you all for such a warm reception this morning for the live broadcast. All of the staff, engineers, and those who abandoned their departments to come into the control both and support the Outlaws! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!

We are really psyched up for our DENVER performance tonight...


Here's some pics from 103.5 The Fox:

Rippin' thru the front entrance.

Randy waking up at the conference table. Where's the coffee?
(Cropped just out of the picrture on the left.)

Turn off all cell phones during the show!
(Don't call me. I'll call you.)

(Is this a Gator growl?)

5.30.07 Wind, Flat Tires and Hail!

I thought I would give you all a little update.

We left Florida Sunday afternoon headed out west and had another tire problem twenty miles down the road - this time on the trailer. We got that fixed pretty quickly and moved on. Nothing too eventful happened for the next how ever many hundreds of miles. By the time we reached Oklahoma City we decided to stop and take a nice ten-hour break from the road. We did the mall, ate a really nice Memorial Day dinner at "Shorty Smalls" and got back on the bus headed for Colorado. When I got up the next morning we were about a hundred miles from Denver and in a heavy dust storm. I couldn't even see the countryside. When we got to Denver it was beautiful! Seventy-five and sunny. That changed in an hour as a strong cold front ripped through bringing so much hail that it looked like Christmas and dropped forty degrees to make it feel like winter. (to us Florida boys anyway)

Now we are all adjusted to the Mile High City and ready to enjoy a day off before the show day. I hope to see a lot of the fans that wanted us to come out west! And now that we are here, we're really excited!!!

Be back soon,


Touring with the CDB

We’ve been out now for several weeks on the Volunteer Jam Tour with the Charlie Daniel’s Band and the Marshal Tucker Band. I think it’s time for some praise! Charlie Daniels himself has been the most gracious host imaginable. On the very first day he gathered all of us up on the stage and told everyone how he had looked forward to the day for a long time. After getting all of the technical issues discussed he said, "Let’s have some fun!" And he was right! This has been the one of the best times ever for all of us.

A very special thanks to Jimmy Burton for keeping everything so well organized. Jimmy’s been with the CDB since our very first tour with them back in the mid seventies. It’s not easy getting three bands on and off the stage, but with his help, and all of the crewmembers from all of the bands, it goes on without a hitch.

For those who haven’t had the chance to make a show, there’s no telling who you might see jamming with another band at any given time. That’s what makes the Volunteer Jam one of the best concerts out there to be a part of.

Thank you all, and thanks to the fans that can’t get enough Southern Rock! See you next week on the West Coast portion of the tour…



Sweet Home!

Overwhelming! That’s what it felt like in front of a hometown crowd. It had been a long time since the band actually played in Tampa and was long overdue. There were a lot of friends and family along with a ton of Outlaws Fans. Thanks to all of you for coming out in numbers. It was so awesome looking around and seeing people that I hadn’t seen since high school. It was truly a Full Circle that we came.

Also, hats off to West Palm Beach for the more than warm welcome. We spent the entire day hanging out at the venue and enjoyed the hospitality of everyone at the Sound Advice Amphitheater.

The band is heading out today for Atlanta, GA. We are REALLY looking forward to working with the master, Dickey Betts. Hope to see you all there,



Volunteer Jam Opening

“The South’s Going To Do It Again” is an understatement! The South did do it again last weekend in Greenville, SC and Valdosta, GA.

Hi Everyone! WE ARE BACK and have waited a long time for this tour to happen again. The dream of playing with all of our Southern Brothers has come true. Thank you all for coming out so strong and supporting the Charlie Daniel’s Band Volunteer Jam.

Backstage was like old home week for us. Getting a chance to talk to all the band members and find out what everybody’s been doing over the years. And one of the highlights of the show has to be the end of the night JAM with as many combined group members that we can possibly squeeze on the stage. WOW!!!


We've been off for a couple days and now we're back on the tour bus, on our way out to Oklahoma. We're spending a little more time in Louisiana than we had planned. If you happen to be driving on I-49 just north of Opelousas, LA, and you see a big blue and gold tour bus with two flat tires and then some stopped on the side of the interstate, surrounded by state troopers with a light show, that would be us. It looks like the cops have captured the Outlaws, but they are really helping us out. Be sure to wave as you drive by!

See you all in Oklahoma on Friday and Saturday.



Spring Greetings!

Hi Everyone -

First, I would like to thank you all for the very warm birthday wishes. You don’t know how much I appreciate the kind words. I had a really nice day and celebrated with a lot of good coffee and plenty of cake!!! My wife surprised me with a new Epson all-in-one printer and scanner. Now it will be much easier to scan some of the Outlaw memorabilia I’ve got selected and ready to put up on the site. And yes, I am a total computer geek! You can never have too many accessories on one’s computer! The more bells and whistles the better.

The band is doing well. Everyone is excited that the Volunteer Jam Tour is just around the corner. We are all participating in the construction of the new set list as well as putting the finishing touches on the new CD. We are looking forward to seeing all of you out there soon.



Winter wonderland!

Once again we would like to thank everyone at the Turning Stone Casino for the wonderful reception and hospitality they showed. Fans - what can I say? It was great to meet every one of you in the meet and greet line after the show.

Despite about a twelve-hour day in the airports it was really awesome to land in a winter wonderland. Several feet of snow on the ground can make even the vintage rock and rollers feel like kids again. Nothing like a good snowball up side the head at any given time!

Thanks also to the fans at Northern Lights. I overheard one of our crew guys say, whenever y’all play in a club, it brings the Animal out in you. I think I know what he means. We seem to just let it out when we’re in those surroundings. We sure enjoyed this one too.

I’ll give you an update on the new CD progress very soon,



From the Studio…

Hi Everyone!

Here's an update on the progress in the studio. The rhythm tracks were completed last night. That means that Dave Dix and myself are finished with the drum tracks. We also stayed pretty late last night and worked on some percussion overdubs. Like congas and shakers. This morning we had one more drum part to lay down and we were really happy about the way it came out. Dave and I played an old style drum core march in a certain section of a song written by Randy Threet and his wife Alex. One of the guys snapped this picture of Dave and I while we were recording the track.

I’ll keep posting updates as often as possible…




Florida Boys Seek Shelter

I just want everyone that made it to the Potowatomi Casino Tuesday night to know that we really appreciate it. I know it was COLD outside.

When we finally arrived in Milwaukee late Monday evening, and stepped off the plane, we felt cold like never before. I believe it was somewhere around 28 bellow zero. But I think the band and crew adapted quite well once inside the Hyatt Hotel. We only went out once and that was to head for the casino and perform. All of you that showed up that evening made the trip very worthwhile. It was one of the warmest receptions I believe we’ve had in a long time. Thank you all!

I have been at my Mom’s house going through some boxes I needed to organize for quite a while. I found everything from a draft card to a birth certificate. But one of the treasures that I did find was a birthday note from Billy Jones written in or around 1989 when Billy and I had a band playing in the Tampa area. I was talking to Hughie right after the discovery, and I told him I was going to include the note in my Blog this week. It brought back an ocean of memories for me. So here it is…

Thanks everyone,



Back in the arms of…

The City of Cincinnati! It’s been a long time since the band has played in Cincinnati and I had almost forgotten just how many fans we had there until this past weekend. Thanks for the overwhelming turnout! We really liked working in the new downtown club, Whiskey Dick’s. Thanks for having us and I hope we can do it all over again…

On to Burgettstown PA! Who loves you Babe! The Outlaws Do!!! You know we can always count on the Pepsi Roadhouse to bring the best out of us. Rain, sleet, or snow can’t stop us. And it didn’t stop you guys either. Thanks for another packed out roadhouse with a warm fire burning inside. Rita, you treated us great one more time!

We started working on the material yesterday for the new CD. Finally, we’re almost there. We’ll be in and out of the studio continuously over the next few weeks.

Next stop Milwaukee. See you there,



Happy New Year!

Welcome Everyone!

It’s great to be back in the groove again. The band just got back from Nashville after a benefit for the Foster Parent program in Springfield, TN. We’d like to thank Randy Threet, his wife Alex, and all the sponsors who worked so hard and made the benefit a great experience. We definitely look forward to another performance there next year.

Our schedule is really packed for the next few weeks. We head out for Cincinnati and Pittsburgh (pour on the IRON) this week and look forward to our official 2007 tour opening. We’ll also be in and out of the studio over the next several weeks finishing the CD. It will be done very soon!

Dave Dix and I just found out about an article in the February addition of Modern Drummer magazine. The article is about the 25 best songs ever recorded with two drummers. Dave and I placed 22nd with Stick Around For Some Rock and Roll off the Bring it Back Alive album. That was quite an honor and we would like to thank the writer for the really nice compliments of our drumming.

Time to pack. Looking forward to seeing our fans very soon,



Las Vegas II
Once again we took to the skies this past week -probably for the last time this year. We had a convention to play at the Hard Rock’s "The Joint."

Flying for this band is usually a nightmare and this was no exception. First of all, we have to head to the airport at 3:00 AM most of the time. It takes a good jump on things in order to get the ten people and a ton of equipment on the plane. We left Tampa at 6:00 AM and got to Atlanta by about 7:30. After an hour layover we boarded our connecting flight and taxied out. The pilot said he saw something on the instrument panel he didn’t like so we went back to the ramp.

Delta Flight

"Fill 'er up and check the wiper blades, please."

An hour and a half later he said the problem couldn’t be fixed right away so off the plane we went. We got lucky that they found a new plane and moved the crew and luggage over within two hours. We got to Las Vegas in the early afternoon, and went straight to sound check.

We had a great show that evening and enjoyed seeing some of our old friends from The Jefferson Starship with Mickey Thomas, the Guess Who, Edgar Winters and Expose to name a few. It was also great to see our manager Charlie Brusco, his wife Cindy, and Howie Silverman from our booking agency, Paradise.
The good thing about clearing the schedule for the next six weeks is that we will definitely FINISH the new CD. Thank you everyone for making 2006 such a great year. We are looking forward to a very busy year in 2007…

Monte Yoho

11.30.06 Great Time In Orange Beach.

I can’t tell you how great it was to work with The Charlie Daniels Band this past weekend. It was an awesome reunion! Talking to some members of the band and crew, and swapping old stories, was an event in itself! We really look forward to next year’s Volunteer Jam Tour. There should be some of the new tour schedule showing up on our Web Site right now and many more dates to be added. Thanks for all the fans that showed up for this show…

11.16.06 I think I can speak for the entire group when I say The Mohegan Sun Casino was one of the most fun places we worked all year. A huge part of a really enjoyable gig is how professionally it is run. I can tell you that from the beginning everything was perfect! The ride from the airport, checking in to the hotel and all the way through two shows it couldn’t have been better. Mark, you were amazing. Thank you for everything.

What made it even better for me was to see so many fans up close and the chance to talk to everyone. That’s the nice thing about playing casinos. We actually live there temporarily so all through the day we bump in to the fans and have time for some one on one. It was really nice talking to you all.

Our next show is in Orange Beach, AL. That’s close to home for us. We are looking forward to working with one of our best friends from the past, Charlie Daniels and his band. Come on out for what certainly will be some high powered Southern Rock…


Fun in the Sun!

Nice Day in Ft. Myers! Thanks Warren for another great HOG rally at the Lee Civic Center.

You know, there’s nothing like playing a show in Florida with the sun going down behind you in October. We really enjoyed ourselves and appreciate all the fans that showed up.

I personally love Ft. Myers. It’s the winter home of my all time hero, Thomas Edison. I’m a huge fan of his. After all, he in vented the phonograph! Not to mention the lights that we use on the stage, the pictures we take and the video we shoot. I really think we owe that man a lot. Thank you Thomas! We love you!!!

We’ll be headed out to the Mohegan Sun Casino in Uncasville, CT. next, so I hope you'll try to make it.

Until we meet again,



Rockin' In The Big Apple

Thank you New York for making us feel so welcome. We fed off that energy all night! This is, for sure, one of our favorite places to play!

The band is still here in New York. We have a corporate party to perform at tomorrow night and then we'll fly home on Tuesday. We've had a great time here so far. I guess we act like most tourists when it comes down to it. Everyone plans their little tours for the day and heads off in different directions. I spend most of my day walking around and trying to figure out where I am! Anyway, it's a cool place to hang out.

We'll be heading down to Ft. Myers, Florida next weekend. Come on down!

See ya,



Hi Everyone!

I can’t tell you how great it was to be playing again at home. It was an honor to perform for the Pasco-Hernando Community College benefit. We had a lot of help from all of the benefit organizers right down to the very sweet ladies that fed us before the show. Thank you all so much! Also, to my surprise, Hughie’s Mom made a guest appearance. It had been many years since I had seen her. She looks great and seemed to be having a blast. I even saw her at the autograph table signing a couple of autographs. It’s very special to have a parent come out and watch what they were so much a part of. My mom made it out last year to the State Theater in St. Pete and is still talking about the show.
Great weather and great fans made the Crystal River Harley show light up. We felt like we could play all day! We also really enjoyed the hospitality of the Plantation Inn. It was a nice way to relax before throwing ourselves back into the fast lane of New York. I know I’m looking forward to some city life and definitely cooler temperatures.
Hope to see lots of fans at BB Kings…


Bubbas Colorama Music Fest Harley’s Fall

What a cool festival Bubba’s turned out to be. Nested way up in Tomahawk, Wisconsin it was an oasis! Our very special thanks to "Big Wave" Productions for a great venue. I can’t say enough for all the detail you provided. Tom and Robert, you did an excellent job keeping it all together!

The show felt great Saturday night. A nice fall breeze made it so comfortable, and once again we beat the odds of bad weather. The rains waited one more time until we finished the show. We had a blast playing in Tomahawk!

One of our web masters, Bruce Burneice, drove over for the show. It was actually the first time we met Bruce after talking so many times via e-mail or phone. It was a pleasure to meet you and get to spend some time discussing all the new ideas for the site. Bruce was also there to shoot video for a new section of the web site.

We also would like to thank the couple that furnished us with some really good barbecue after the show. We ate sandwiches all the way back to Florida. And to the fan that sent me the fine cigars, thank you very much.

We’ve got a little time off right now but will be busy, still, going through material for the CD. Everyone is really excited about recording and finishing up the tracks. We will also be back in rehearsal soon and then straight in to the studio for tracking.

I’ll keep you all posted,




For me the weekend in Cherokee, North Carolina was very special. My Dad took us on camping trips every summer that would last several weeks or longer. I got to see most of the US at an early age. One of my all time favorites was the trip to the Smokies and a stop in Cherokee. Of course the highlight would be seeing all the cool Cherokee Indian culture and always a night at the play, Unto These Hills. I was really glad to see that they have kept that theater going and that the rest of the town hasn’t really changed that much.

The new venue that held the show was very nice, as were all of the staff that made all of the arrangements. Thank you for a great show. Coming from Florida at this time of year the weather was a big bonus! Nothing like a cool mountain breeze to keep you going.

This being September eleventh, we send out our hearts and prayers to all Americans and their families who were so tragically affected. Please feel free to post your thoughts on this in our forum.



Fort Smith

OUTLAWS seem to fit perfectly in Fort Smith, Arkansas!

You can’t beat the history in Fort Smith. All the legends of the Outlaw world have passed, or maybe stopped by Judge Parker’s noose, at one time or another. Back in the 1800s, Fort Smith was the last town before entering the WILD WEST! You would have definitely had to get a guide to get any further.

The City of Fort Smith was our host for the Hog Rally 2006. Thank you all for the special treatment and for taking care of every detail. Also thanks to the staff over at the HoJo. We enjoyed our stay immensely!

I had to include this photo I took at the brand new Fort Smith Airport. I have to meet the artist of this creation! The artist has a great sense of humor.

Despite the bad weather threatening the area, by show time everything was great! And there was a great crowd to perform for also. I know that one Outlaws diehard, Scott Sexton, was leading the pack in the front row. Scott was one of the boat Captains on the Showboat Branson Belle the entire time I worked there. He greeted me with a different Southern Rock song every day as I boarded and saluted him. Thanks for coming down for a visit Scott.

We’re keeping a close eye on the tropical storm headed our way this week. We leave for Chicago on Friday and are hoping it has cleared out by then. We’ll see you all in Illinois this Labor Day Weekend,




We left Peoria early Sunday morning around 5:00 AM for the airport and a short commuter flight to Chicago and then on to Tampa. When we were pulling away from the hotel, the party on Main Street was still going on! I even had to visit "Hoops" one more time that evening for one of the greatest pizzas I’ve ever eaten! AWSOME stuff!

First of all the hotel we were staying at, The Pere Marquette, was incredible. Completely renovated and one of those treasures that has a rich history dating back to the 1920s. Everyone there bent over backwards to make us feel at home. Thank you all.

Budweiser, Jay Goldburg, and Mad Dog Jack put on some big party down at the Riverfront. Special thanks to Sheriff McCoy and the great Mayer of Peoria, Jim Ardis, for showing up and giving us a personal welcome. That really meant a lot!

And to all the Harley riders and fans, THANK YOU for a great return to Peoria. We will be back!

See you soon,



Just wanted to give a little extra insight on the photo of the crowd in Stuart that John posted on the Discussion Forums. The thread is titled "Are you in these pictures?" In the first picture, where Hughie in standing alone, over on "stage right" there are two young ladies in Outlaw’s T-shirts. You can see them between the stage monitors. The girl on the left is Shannon, Frank O’Keefe’s daughter and David Dix’s niece. To her right is Constance, the daughter of Hughie and Mary Thomasson.

Speaking of photos, I think that John has some classics tucked away in that camera somewhere and that they could appear at any time. Keep Posted!

And last – someone posted about Mama Louise’s birthday party. I have several great photos from that event but need to check with someone before I can post any. I’d love to share them. We adored her, and the H&H cafeteria!

Talk soon,



The Art of Stuart, Florida.

I don’t know if it was the fact that we were playing on our home turf or if it was the vibe inside the Lyric Theater, but we wanted to play all night! It’s always great to play near home with long time fans, family, and friends out in the crowd. If you couldn’t help but notice, our own JB was there again shooting pix for our upcoming CD "Full Circle" I think we got some keepers…

The entire staff, production and promotion, of the Lyric Theater get a gold star for all the work they put in to this show. Thank you all! And also the town of Stuart. I haven’t been through that area in years but I really liked what I saw in the growth of the city and the way they have brought it to life. There are a lot of great restaurants and shops lining the streets and very "artsy" Love it!!!

Just so you all know, Sunday was Hughie’s birthday. He turned iguivmiu oops, typo!

We’ll be headed out this week for Peoria IL. See you there,



Long Flight!

Well, we’ve made it back home yet one more time. That was an extremely long journey from Seattle back to Tampa. We left Saturday night and got in sometime late Sunday morning. The biggest part of the whole weekend is usually getting ten guys and a ton of equipment cross-country.

Seattle was wonderful. Where else can you sit in front of a fireplace while sipping coffee and reading the paper? IN AUGUST! I kept telling people I was going to move to Seattle. I love the climate and in all my visits to the area I have yet to experience the fog and rain.

The show went great and the snow covered mountaintop as a backdrop made it a beautiful setting. We had a lot of dedicated fans there plus our own JB and his son, Ben. Hughie even dragged the poor young man up on stage to help on a sing-a-long!

Newest Outlaw

I’d like to thank Sylvia and Dennis for coming out, and a personal “thank you” to Dennis for the awesome cigars…

I’ll talk to you soon,



Webby's note: Monte sent the following blog entry last Wednesday, August 2nd, while I was on vacation and offline for several days. Sorry for the delayed posting.

Great Weekend!

We made it back safe and sound from our weekend warrior tour.

It was an awesome evening just outside of Morgantown Saturday night (July 29th). There was a quarter moon shining that set the whole mood. There is nothing like playing to thousands of people on a mountain top in West Virginia. Thank you all for coming out!

We finished up Sunday night (July 30th) in Canton Ohio. Living up to the Bob Gallion Promotions tradition, Melody and her staff did an awesome job keeping the show running smoothly! Thanks Melody, for having everything so organized. Despite the threatening storms all around us, the show went off without a hitch. We look forward to coming back again and again.

Well, it's off to Seattle in the morning. Hope to see a lot of fans out on the West Coast...



The South Shall Rise Again In New York!

It was so nice to be back working with professionals!!! Great job everyone!

What a gracious crowd we had Thursday night in Rochester. Thank you all for coming out and making the night. It was a pleasure to meet quite a few of you after the show at the meet and greet.

It was a fun night for me. Watching all the youngsters in the first couple of rows was a treat. It's awesome to now see two and three generations at our shows. Who would have ever imagined?

We spent the day Friday traveling to Morgantown. We're checked in and ready to rock Saturday night. Hughie, Chris, and Randy spent most of the day in the front lounge of the bus going over some final arrangements of the new songs for the CD. We will definitely be in the studio over the next few weeks finishing up the record.

There's a ton of Harley's here at the hotel getting revved up for the big weekend. We love you all!

See You Soon,



Hello Everyone!

Sorry it took me a few days to get a blog together. It seems I've had to reformat every computer I own this week! There were also a lot of problems with our WiFi system on the bus this last run. We hope to have everything running smoothly again very soon. 

Hughie and I are going to try to get a few more Q & As in next week. We really had planned on it this last run but we were having a technical meltdown the entire trip.

Thank you all for showing up last weekend in some of the warmest conditions we've had to endure this summer. It really meant a lot seeing so many fans out there with big smiles on your faces.

We're headed out to Dallas on Friday morning for the show at the North Texas Rock Rally. Come on out!

Talk soon,



Well, we're out here again! I believe we are somewhere in Indiana and still heading for Minnesota. We left Tampa on Tuesday around noon and drove to Nashville for a lay over. The rest of the band and crew flew in to Nashville this morning and we left there about 1:00. We'll make one more stop before reaching the Moon Dance Festival on Friday.

The new bus from Entertainment Coaches is working out nice. It's a 2003 Prevost H3 with a lot of room. It's also black and gold! Colors we like to use on our logo. Look for us out here. See ya soon,



Awesome Night In Milwaukee!

It's really nice when you show up to do a show and everything is perfect. Thursday's show at Milwaukee's Summerfest 2006 couldn't have been any better. Perfect weather, perfect crowd, and perfect honor to play at the Summerfest's 40th anniversary celebration! Thank you Bob Babisch for letting us play for Milwaukee.

It's back to Tampa early in the morning and then off for a few days before we head out for Minnesota. It's going to be nice to get back in the bus for a change, I think, (we have a three day bus ride to the first show.) I'm sure it will be an adventure. We'll pack a lot of movies and a ton of snacks for survival.

We look forward to our next run that will bring us back to Wisconsin next week. See you then,



Thanks Packy! And thanks to all the people that helped put this show on for SUMMERFEST 2006. This is a great idea and I think it should become a regular event each year. (especially if we could get a Malley's chocolate endorsement) Thanks again Packy for the treat! We had to hit the trail right after the show Saturday night because of an extremely early flight home. I know that I just basically went back to the hotel and packed, and then it was time to ROCK.

We had a good trip out this past week and look forward to Thursday night in Milwaukee.

See you then,



Hearts and Prayers

Thank you Albany, Mayor Jennings, and everyone who made this show come together in a very difficult time.

It was a rough day I’m sure, for everyone who was affected by the terrible flooding, and had to evacuate homes and businesses. Our hearts and prayers go out to the entire Atlantic region that has been hit so hard with floods and rising rivers.

We were determined to provide a kick-ass show for those who could make it. Our small morale booster for the region. The show had to be moved indoors due to the weather, and when we finally found out that we would be playing at the Palace, I immediately started reflecting on how many times we had played that venue in the seventies. Those were the Good Old Days! The Mayor, and several fans, reminded me that we had sold out the Palace two nights in a row in 1979. I even had a chance to chat with a lot of loyal fans.  One of them, Steve, who had attended both those sold out nights, even had the ticket stubs for us to autograph. Nice to have met you Steve. That was an awesome introduction by the Mayor himself. Thank you Sir!

It’s off to Cleveland in the morning for a show on Saturday then home on Sunday morning. We’ve had a memorable stay here in Albany...




Fly Day!

Well, another long fly day for the band. We left Tampa International early this morning and flew to Newark. There we met up with Chris, Randy, and Mike and got another plane to Albany. I think we finally have this down. Bringing just the right amount of equipment that everyone needs and getting on and off the aircraft safely! Again, the CREW rocks! Dave and I brought our own snare drums this trip to make us fell more at home on the rented gear.

Everyone around here is talking about all the rain for the past couple of weeks. It sure looked good out there today! I hope it's all dried out tomorrow down on the river. We're looking forward to seeing all of our N.Y. fans at the Alive at 5 River Fest!

See you there,



Great day for a show!

When we flew in to Pittsburgh Friday morning the weather looked grim. In fact, the hotel we checked in to had gotten hit by lighting the night before and was without power for ten hours. They had the power restored when we arrived but not the hot water pump or Internet. No SHOWER and no WEB! That's roughing it...

By morning the hot water was working and the sky had cleared. It turned out to be a just about perfect evening for an outdoor show. The band seemed to settle in early and started to really have some fun just minutes in to the show. Thank you all for coming out to the Speedway. We'd like to see that festival really grow each year and would love to come back and play it again!

We have a couple of days to get organized and then we're back out Wednesday.

See you soon,



Love You New Jersey!

There's something to be said for our fans in New Jersey. Great vibes all night! It's  been a long time since I've played in Asbury Park but I can remember the old days at the Convention Center well. I really enjoyed autographing some old tickets someone brought from the seventies.

Thank you Stone Pony for a memorable evening! You guys have an awesome crew that made it very easy to make it happen!

Well, we're in the bus headed for Tampa Town. See you soon,



Thank you Cripple Creek Road House!

After what seemed like the longest day of the year, we arrived at the Roadhouse with an eager crowd awaiting some R&R. We are really sorry that it took so long to get there and get ready, and we appreciate everyone being so patient. Especially the promoter and stage crew.

It was great playing under the stars on a beautiful North Carolina evening.

We're in the bus, again, headed for Asbury Park. This is the last show on this run so we head home tonight. Hope to see you all in NJ.



Great show at the Meadowbrook!

It was really nice to see all of our friends from the MTB. Thanks guys for making it all possible, especially the opportunity to work together again. It was like old times, even better!

We're in the bus heading south to North Carolina. It's going to be a really long drive but we should make it in plenty of time. We might even get to check in to the hotel before the show...

I'll give an update during the day tomorrow.



Somewhere in NY.

Well, we're making headway on our trip to NH. We stopped and spent the night in a town near Westpoint. We should be in Gilford sometime late this afternoon. There's a lot of travel for us over the next five days so we'll be looking at the inside of the bus for a while. The band is looking forward to seeing all of our friends in the MTB this week.

See you in Gilford,



Thank you Las Vegas!

We just finished a show in the Railhead Theater at the Boulder Station Casino. Great Time! Thanks to all the fans that came a long way to see us. We really enjoyed our stay...



Viva Las Vegas!

Hi Gang!

We had a great Memorial Day Weekend in Phoenix. The Orange County Chopper Festival went well. We got to meet the entire cast of the show and took advantage of all the photo ops...

The band is camped out in Las Vegas right now and is playing at the Boulder Station Casino on Saturday night. We've pretty much got the run of the place for the time being!

We fly home Sunday and will be pulling out of Tampa again on June 8 headed for Toledo, Ohio. I'll be sending some road photos as soon as I can get them downloaded off my camera.

Talk soon,


Monte in his new car.


Sorry I've been out of touch for a couple of weeks. I've been real busy as you can see in the photo!

Actually, everyone really needed this down time to get ready for the summer and fall tour schedule. As you can see, they are adding dates regularly. Hughie, Dave and I are back in the studio this week working on tracks. We'd like to have the CD finished as soon as possible, but we are also working very hard to make this one special. Hang on, we'll get it done!

We'll be back out on the road in less than two weeks and ready to ROCK! We hope to see a lot of fans out this trip.

Thanks for being patient,



The Dave Graham Group

The Dave Graham Group - 1969

Billy Jones, Monte Yoho, Dave Graham, Roy Holly

It was the summer of 1969 that I hitched a ride to Atlanta, Georgia to attend the first Atlanta Pop Festival at the Atlanta Speedway. What a party! I don’t think I’ve ever been so overwhelmed as I was that weekend. The music, the party, the communal living! That was an entirely different world than I knew, as I was still a junior at Leto high school in Tampa.

I was hitching a ride back to Tampa when a white 1967 Camaro stopped. It was Billy Jones. I didn’t know him at the time, but had heard of him as a musician around Tampa.  He offered me a ride home and I took it. We talked about both of us being drummers. (Billy was a really good drummer as well as a guitar and piano player) And no more than an hour down the highway, we were talking about putting a band together when we got back to Tampa. Billy had now started to focus on his guitar playing. That band turned out to be The Dave Graham Group consisting of Dave Graham, Roy Holly, Billy Jones, and myself. Billy and Dave both played guitar, Roy played bass, and I was the drummer. We often rehearsed at Roy’s house or in my parents’ living room.   

The Dave Graham Group was playing the same circuit as the Outlaws. I had known and worked with Hughie and Dave Dix for quite a while at that time so we all became very good friends. Both bands had a very similar sound and shared pretty much the same influences. We did a lot of vocal work with three-part harmony. Both bands respected one another.

There is only one picture of the Dave Graham Group that I am aware of.  It was lost for over twenty years, but I’ve never forgotten it, and have searched for it over the years. It was taken during one of those rehearsals in my parents’ living room. I was going through an old box of Outlaws photo albums this week and there it was! That made my day!  It’s a very old Polaroid shot, dated September 1969, and not in the best of shape.



Long Week

I'm just starting to get settled back in at home after a pretty long week. Hughie, Dave and I went to Atlanta on Tuesday for a meeting with management Wednesday morning. It was great to see everyone from Alliance and get to visit for a while.

Things look good for upcoming dates to be added. We'll announce them as soon as they are confirmed. We are now turning our attention to getting more tracks done on the new CD. Dave and I should be laying down some drum tracks over the next couple of weeks.

Right now it's time to enjoy a little bit of what this great state of Florida has to offer. Sun and Fun!

Have a Happy Easter Weekend...

I'll catch up soon,



Harley-Davidson Rocks and Rolls!

In my last blog I reflected on some good old days at the airport. When we got to the Syracuse airport on Saturday morning, I had a flashback and it was a BUMMER! It really hassled my head man! Hughie, Dave, Chris, Randy and myself were to catch the first plane out at 11:00AM. We had to split the group up because of heavy booking on “Spring-Break” weekend. Our road manager Chuck Smith and the rest of the five-man crew were to take a later flight at about 2:30PM. Well, our plane was late getting there so we were over an hour late getting to Philly. That made us miss our connection to Tampa. Luckily we got the next flight at 3:30PM and got to Tampa a few hours later. Chuck and the crew were not so lucky. US Air canceled all the flights after we left. They ended up driving to Albany N.Y. and getting a flight out at 9:00AM the next morning. “The Show Must Go On” award goes to the Band and Crew for pulling together in an emergency situation. The band loaded up the equipment at the warehouse until late last night and drove it to Crystal River. The crew arrived from the Tampa airport at about 2:00 to set up. The show went on a little late but like nothing had happened. Our crew once again rocked!

A big thanks to the Crystal River Harley shop for putting on such an awesome concert. It was great seeing all our friends and fans that showed up. I know I was really enjoying playing to the hometown crowd.

We’re going to be busy with meetings and studio recording for the next couple of weeks. That means we’ll be one step closer to getting the new CD ready.

Again, Thanks to everyone for coming out and making this event go so well…

Talk soon,



Syracuse -

I figured up all the travel time that it took to get to Syracuse and it totaled about 12hours! But it was one of the most memorable trips I've taken in a long time. When we all arrived early Thursday morning at Tampa International, the memories really started to fly. For some reason I started trying to remember how many times we had met at that airport during our "Seventies" heyday. Hundreds of times at the least!

I know we played over three hundred shows a year at one time. I felt really lucky to be right there and getting a chance to do it all over again. This was our first Band and Crew fly trip since the reunion started at the beginning of last year. What a BLAST!

We got to the Turning Stone Resort around 7:00 PM Thursday night. Just about everyone was running around enjoying all that the casino had to offer. It was a well earned relaxing evening. The following morning we got up pretty early to do a photo shoot for New York Rider magazine. They brought some awesome custom bikes to be featured in their next issue. We all picked out which one we wanted to sit on and they started taking pictures. We're looking forward to seeing how it came out.

We had a full house at the theater tonight, and thanks to a really nice crowd, we had a very warm reception. Windy, and the entire staff at the Turning Stone Casino did everything possible to make the night go so smoothly. We can't thank you enough!

Well, it's back to the airport in the morning for the trip back to Florida. We'll be playing Sunday afternoon in Crystal River. See you there!



Birthday blog

I was going to say something really slanderous, or embarrassing to JB on his birthday, but being around the band for some thirty + years is punishment enough! I mean in those years how many naked Outlaws butts did you have to endure during photo shoots? (none) How many times did you hear “F---- this, aren’t you finished yet! (plenty) And need I even mention an actual overnight bus ride with us? (let's not go there) Nope, I’m not going to slander this time. Instead, I salute you sir! You are truly a huge part of this band and will always be. Thank you for all of the wonderful memories that you have created. A very Happy Birthday to you…

All My Best,


One of a webby's perks is the ability to insert commentary.  JB



We are HOME! Our driver, Big Dog, delivered us home safe and sound as promised. I’d like to extend a personal “Thank You” to Dale and all of the drivers this trip for keeping us safe out there. It can get really dangerous especially when the weather doesn’t cooperate. Also, special thanks to Pyramid Coach and Mike Palmer for all of that safe travel!

We dropped off Randy and Chris in Philly for their flight back to Nashville. The rest of the band found ways to kill the twenty-four plus hours of driving that it took to arrive. If the tour bus didn’t have satellite TV and a WiFi set up for Internet I believe we might loose it completely.

As we headed South, the air got much warmer. That meant out of the heavy jackets and back into T-shirts and sweats. Then there was the “passing” over the Florida State Line. You could hear a couple of cheers and somewhat of a sigh of relief. We got in  about 11:00 PM Monday night and everyone went their own way. The crew (best damn crew around) all said good-bye and told us how much they enjoyed this trip. And likewise, we love those guys and couldn’t have done it without them.

I’ll definitely be checking in as often as possible, and will have other members posting in the near future.

I’ll talk to you soon,



We had a huge weekend to finish the first leg of the Outlaws 2006 tour. We are still recovering from a two-show night in New York. It was a lot of fun and we saw a ton of friends there. BB King's always ROCKS!!! After the show we had to head to Sellersville, PA where we just finished the last show. Great venue and great crowd. We really had a good time. We just loaded everyone on the bus for a very long ride home to Florida. We'll drop Chris and Randy off in Philly to fly home to Nashville. I'd like to thank everyone on behalf of the band for your strong support. We really appreciate it!

I'll be back soon,



Happy Saint Patrick's Day!

And it was a happy day when we found out that the caterers had made corned beef and cabbage at the North Fork Theater in Westbury, NY. That was awesome! Most of the time holidays go unnoticed out on the road because we're always working...

Perfect crowd tonight! We always did have great fans on Long Island. The theater was really cool. We were set up almost in the round and I think it gave everyone a good seat. I had the best one in the house!

We enjoyed getting to meet you all and will see quite a few of you again at BB King's tomorrow night in New York.

Enjoy the weekend,



Birchmere ROCKS!

We had a really good night in Alexandria, VA. Thanks, Birchmere for all the hospitality.

Great crowd! And the fan who brought his Mother for her 72nd birthday, you ROCK!

We have to hit the road right away for Westbury, NY.

See You There,



Travel Day Yesterday...

We left Erie yesterday, with the sun out, and headed for the (hopefully much warmer) DC area. It was a cold, but otherwise beautiful day for a bus ride. Everyone rode up in the front of the bus and talked about how beautiful the part of PA that we were driving through was. There was some spectacular scenery!

Originally we were not scheduled to check in to our hotel until noon on Thursday so we stopped at another hotel about a hundred miles from DC. We'll leave early Thursday morning for the show area and check in at noon.

Well, I see a lot of empty pizza boxes in the hallway so the guys must be stuffed and ready for a good night's sleep.

We're really looking forward to the show at the Birchmere. We love that venue...

See you soon,



Edinboro, PA

OK - everyone made fun of us about all the complaining we did about the cold weather, but when you are from Florida, snow, ice and fifty mph wind is a slight adjustment for us. We actually loved every minute of it and will be back several more times until we think that today was a good day for the beach!

Denny's was awesome! They rolled out the red, frozen, carpet for us. Thanks you guys for making it such a great night, and for feeding us too! We really enjoyed the club and all the patrons and got to talk to a lot of them at the meet and greet.

We had a day off yesterday and got some very needed sleep. We're off tomorrow as well and will travel down to Alexandria, VA. Thanks for all the hospitality in both Erie and Edinboro...

We'll check back soon,



On The Road Again!

Well, we are just now pulling in to Clifton Park, NY. Our bus driver, Gary, woke up sick yesterday morning and the coach company in Nashville had to fly a new driver in to Pittsburgh. Luckily we were able to leave last night for NY. That's just one of the things that can go wrong out here and really throw off the schedule. We wish him a quick recovery.

We had a blast at the Pepsi-Cola Roadhouse last night! Rita and the crew were right on top of everything as usual. We stayed and greeted each fan after the show and had the pleasure of getting up close and personal with all of you. Thank you for all of your patience. I know that was a very long line and many had to wait for a while.

Most of the band was up late last night trying to calm down from the nearly two-hour show. Everyone seems to go to their own corner. Some watch TV, others listen to the live recording of the show that evening, and some, like me, try to use the computer in the back room of the bus to answer fan mail. If anyone can't figure out what I was saying, I HIT A BUMP! Sometime I just have to aim at the key and hope that I hit it so this, "cjehrcbgfehrbrhbbve" means, "hello, how are you?"

It's been a long 24 hours for all of us, and a really hard load on the crew, but we will be ready to ROCK the walls down at Northern Lights tonight.

Take Care and I'll talk to you soon,

Monte Yoho


Harrisburg PA!

What a night! Thank you all for a really nice opening night of the 2006 tour. A very special thanks to the entire staff and crew at the Whitaker Sunoco Theater. Also thanks to our new production manager, Chuck Smith, and the entire Outlaws road crew. But most of all, thanks to all the fans who attended. You made last night a great memory!

Last night we tried out several new songs that we hope you all liked. We also started a new tradition, by greeting all of you at the merch stand after the show. I thought both went over extremely well. We hope to be doing that kind of "meet and greet" more often.

Again, thanks to all who attended last nights opening...

Monte Yoho


Greetings! Hello to everyone again. This is Monte Yoho.

A lot has happened since the last tour ended in December. I went back to Branson, Missouri, soon after the tour, and decided that it was time to move back to Florida. I had a lot of planning to do, both for a move and a wedding. I got married in St. Louis on the 14th of January and started packing the following week. I'm all moved in to my new home near Orlando and loving being back in my Homeland! It's great to be here!

As you know, the band has gone through a change. Henry Paul and Dave Robbins both left to pursue their careers in BlackHawk. We wish them well! Meanwhile, the Outlaws are in full gear and ready to ROCK! We have just finished two weeks of rehearsals, have a new web site going up, and will hit the road Tuesday night. First stop, Harrisburg, PA. The band is now five pieces and sounds as good as ever. We'll also be adding a lot of new material as well as a couple more from the past. A portion of the new song list will include This Town, Full Circle and I Wanna Know, all of which will be on our new CD. We hope to have the entire recording finished by April or May. We are also doing a song by Chris Anderson called Trail Of Tears and working on a new one by Randy Threet. Song For You, off our first album, will appear in the new set as well.

We look forward to seeing all of you out there sometime this year…

All My Best,

Monte Yoho



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