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Courtesy or Warner Bros. Records

DM Fanzine

Live Earth

Drowned Madonna: Hi Nate, welcome to Drowned Madonna. We have learnt that you worked with Logan on Madonna's ''Get Together'' video. Is it correct?

Nathaniel Howe: Yes, I had the pleasure of working on Madonna's new "Get Together" video with the talented people of Logan Studios in Venice, CA.

DM: How did you get in touch with Logan and Madonna's camp?

NH: I received a call from Executive Producer Kevin Shapiro about the project and booked with Logan as a 3d/2d designer and animator.

DM: When did they contact you?

NH: I was contacted a few months before the project began.

DM: And.. when did you and Logan start working on the video?

NH: I started with Logan on May 1st.

DM: Who did direct the concept/vibe?

NH: Owners/Partners Ben Conrad and Alexei Tylevich of Logan directed the look and feel of the video.

DM: The vibe of the video is very retro. What is the inspiration?

NH: The look was inspired by the Italian artist Milo Manara mixed with a retro sci-fi feel.

DM: What softwares did you use?

NH: At Logan we crafted the different environments seen in the video with a mix of 2d and 3d animation. The software used was Maya, After Effects and Realflow.

DM: Can you tell us the creative process?

NH: During the initial phases of the video we focused on testing different looks in 3d to see how the color, environment and cinematography complimented the song. While this was happening the edit of the raw footage was being assembled. As the edit evolved we narrowed down the techniques and look of the worlds. Before we even had picture lock we were dropping in rendered 3d shots, this really allowed us to fine tune both the edit and the effects to work together with the song. As this progressed we regularly sent tests to Warner Bros. and the Madonna camp.

DM: What Madonna's camp ask you? Did they give some input?

NH: They were involved and saw previews along the way. The talks with her people and Warner Bros was really handled by Executive Producer Kevin Shapiro. He would then pass that information throughout the team depending on who it specifically effected. On a job like this it is essential to have a good producer and clear communication.

DM: Nate, what are your animations in the video?

NH: I specifically worked with Logan on crafting some of the 3d worlds and the "fluid" effects seen throughout the video.

DM: How many versions of the video did you do?

NH: I couldn't say off the top of my head, everyday we would be fine tuning and revising shots while new ones were being started.

DM: How was working in the project?

NH: Working on the project was a blast, it was an honor to work with the devoted and talented minds at Logan.

DM: How the deadline was?

NH: The deadline was tight on the job, so it really took the hard work of everybody to ensure a quality video was done for the release date.

DM: What was the most challenging part?

NH: I would say the deadline, as an artist part of you wants to sit back and tweak things forever until every pixel is how you want it. It's important to know how far to finesse something before you move on to your next shot.

DM: What do you think of the ''Get Together'' song?

NH: I must have heard the song ten thousand times during the creation of the video, after work each night I would constantly find my self humming the song. Haha

DM: What does it feels like working on a Madonna video?

NH: Working on a Madonna video is very satisfying as an artist. Many of the raw shots of her inherently possesses so much style, glamour and attitude which made it easy for the effects and treatment to seamlessly echo and enhance her own beauty and style.

DM: Would you like to work for her again?

NH: I look forward to working on more projects with both Madonna and Logan in the future.

DM: What are you working on now?

NH: I am currently working on some Comedy Central projects with Shilo Designs in San Diego.

DM: Thank you so much, Nate! Hope to chat with you in the future about new projects with Madonna...