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Aughton Parish Council


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Online Enquiries

If you would like to send a message to the Parish Clerk of this parish, please complete and submit the form below. We will forward your message via email or the postal system dependant on the parish clerk's contact facilities.

This facility is only for community members to communicate with their parish clerks about parish issues, we cannot pass on emails relating to other issues.








Please Note:

We are overwhelmed with emails asking us about towns and villages in Lancashire and about buildings, ancestors and relatives.

Unfortunately we cannot answer these types of questions and cannot pass them onto the Parish Clerks. Nor do we pass on sales literatures to the Parish Clerks. This facility is for community members to discuss Parish issues.

If your query relates to local history could we suggest that you visit your local library or records office.

The Lancashire County Library & Information Service (Local Studies) webpages can be seen here:

The Lancashire Record Office (LRO) looks after historic documents relating to the county from about 1115 to the present day. The documents are made available to visitors and other enquirers through lists, catalogues and indexes. Details of the Lancashire Record Office can be found here: 

Alternatively there are many companies who will carry out genealogical searches for you.

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