People playing chess on roller coasters
inspired by this comic

The thoughtful looks. The apparent midgame. The hand on the chin. It's perfect.
Clockwise from top left: Andrew Burke, Chris Ranker, Ryan DowlingSoka, and Chance Brown.

Jared Meadows and Renea Campbell at King's Dominion.

Ashley, Maureen, Greg, and Kunal play checkers.

Jordan Stosky (right, looking at the board) and his friend Lucas travel from Canada to Florida to play chess on the Revenge of the Mummy coaster.

That's Nate Jellis on the Loch Ness monster at Busch Gardens, Virginia. They had trouble sneaking the board and pieces on the coaster, and had to tape them on as they were going up. The souvenier photo didn't work out but they snapped this shot with a camera smuggled on-board. I've ridden that coaster, and I'm amazed they held on to the board.

Captain Phillip Sprincin. That's right, a fucking helicopter.

The comic: