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The Rules of Attraction

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Al Parker, 1939

Golden Age American Illustration 

Pulps, Comic Strips and Comic Books, Animation, Paperbacks, and Movie Posters

Here is a series from the Comic Strip section unfinished when the main Rules of Attraction website was active.

The Look of Love:The Rise and Fall of the Photo-Realistic Newspaper Strip, 1946-1970--Introduction  

The individual Strips and Artists

Honey Time 2.0 : Rip Kirby and Alex Raymond  

Romance Made Real (Remix): Stan Drake and The Heart of Juliet Jones

Mary, Mary: Leonard Starr and On Stage  

The Boy Wonder: Neal Adams and Ben Casey  

Remembering The Girls Next Door: Alex Kotzky and Apartment 3-G 

The Art of Ken Bald: Truth, Beauty, and Photography  

The Man Who Would Be King: Al Williamson and Secret Agent X-9

Madame X: Jim Holdaway and Modesty Blaise

A Sentimental Education: Paul Gillon and 13 rue de l' Espoir 

That 60s Girl: Part One: Under the Yum Yum Tree Post War Glamour Photography and Illustration

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