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Milano, Timberlake: Love?

RADNOR, Pennsylvania (AP) -- Actress Alyssa Milano says she's dealing just fine with having turned 30 earlier this month, and isn't planning to mark the milestone with any big changes in her personal life.

Milano, speaking of her new relationship with pop star Justin Timberlake -- Britney Spears' former boyfriend -- said things on the romance front are still brand new.

"I'm not getting married," said Milano. "Our relationship is so new we don't even really know what it is yet."

Milano, known to many for her role in the hit 1980s sit-com "Who's the Boss," now stars in "Charmed," a long-running series on the WB.

She said she feels comfortable with what she's accomplished in her career so far and optimistic about her future.

"I think people freak out about (turning 30) when they don't feel like they've accomplished what they need to by then," Milano told Reader's Digest for its Saturday issue. "I wasn't freaked out at all. Just excited."

'Whassup' guy branching out

PHILADELPHIA, Pennsylvania (AP) -- Grown men don't drive by, stick out their tongues and yell "Whassup?" at Charles Stone III anymore. And he's just fine with it.

The 36-year-old Philadelphia native is happy these days to be behind the camera. His hit coming-of-age movie "Drumline," about life in the marching band of a black college, earned over $13 million in its debut weekend.

" 'Drumline' was originally about a scholarship student in the Midwest who does core-style marching," said Stone. "We kind of funked it up."

It was just that kind of riffing that won Stone and friends Scott Brooks, Paul Williams and Fred Thomas instant celebrity for their 1999 Budweiser beer commercial. The spot became part of an ad campaign that won a top prize at the 2000 International Advertising Festival in Cannes, France.

Stone told the Philadelphia Inquirer on Tuesday that he is now looking at scripts -- his dream is to make a sci-fi film on the order of "Star Wars" -- and working on another short. The project, titled "Fast Food," is about a man in a restroom.

Rockwell turned around

SAN FRANCISCO, California (AP) -- Actor Sam Rockwell, star of a new movie about Chuck Barris -- the former "Gong Show" host and self-proclaimed CIA assassin -- had some dark days of his own as a teenager.

The 34-year-old wound up at an Outward Bound-style alternative high school because "I just wanted to get stoned, flirt with girls, go to parties." The school, known as Urban Pioneers, "had a reputation as a place stoners went because it was easy to graduate," he said.

But instead, the experience turned him around, and after graduation, he turned to acting, moving to New York to study and be near his mother, Penny Rockwell, an actress and artist.

"I always romanticized my mother's lifestyle, the life of an actor, and even a struggling actor," he told the San Francisco Chronicle on Sunday. "I just felt there was so much adventure in New York, and that's the kind of life I wanted to have."

He found that and more, appearing in "Charlie's Angels," "The Green Mile" and "Box of Moonlight." He'll star in the George Clooney-directed Barris biopic "Confessions of a Dangerous Mind" due to open next month.

Rockwell's tough-guy roles are just an act. "At the end of the day, I'm a nice guy, and I don't want to hurt people," he said.

Hard Rock opens 'Vault'

(CNN) -- Hard Rock Cafes are known for their treasure troves of rock 'n' roll memorabilia. Now all those guitars, Cadillacs, etc. will be under one roof.

The "Hard Rock Vault," a 17,000-square-foot attraction in Orlando, Florida, is scheduled to open Monday, with a grand opening celebration planned for January 16, 2003. The venue will offer a "unique, entertaining and educational look at the evolution of music," according to a press release.

Among the pieces available for viewing at the Hard Rock Vault will be guitars from Eric Clapton and Pete Townshend, Buddy Holly's glasses, Bruce Springsteen's "Born to Run" leather jacket and boots, and B.B. King's original "Lucille" Gibson guitar.

The Hard Rock Vault will also have displays of poster art and collectibles, and multimedia tours of rock history. Fans can also record their own CDs in a studio dubbed the "Sun Studio," after the famed Memphis recording station.

The Associated Press & Reuters contributed to this report.

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