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The Competitions

Students officially enrolled in the 6th, 7th or 8th grades are eligible to participate in MATHCOUNTS competitions. A school is eligible to send one team of four students to their chapter competition.

Teams of fewer than four will be allowed to compete; however the team score will be computed by dividing the sums of the team members' score by 4. Consequently, teams of fewer than four students will be at an disadvantage.

Individual students may register in addition or in lieu of a school team. Up to eight students per school (whether registered as members of a team or as individuals) are eligible to complete. Students registered as individuals will participate in the Sprint and Target Rounds but not in the Team rounds. Individuals will be eligible for the Countdown Round.

Complete rules governing the eligibility of students are contained in the MATHCOUNTS School Handbook. More information is also available on the national MATHCOUNTS web site at http://mathcounts.org

School Competition

In January, after several months of coaching, schools registered for the competition phase of the program administer the school competition to all interested 6th, 7th and 8th grade students. This competition is intended as an aid to the coach in determining team members. Selection of team members is entirely at the discretion of the coach.

Chapter Competition

Chapter competitions are held during the month of February. Students compete as members of a four-student team or as individuals. Winners then progress to the state contest in March. Teachers are informed of the date and location of their chapter competition by their chapter coordinator.

Click here to view winners of the 2007 Chapter Competitions.

To find the chapter and chapter coordinator for a specific area, click here.

State Competition

The 2007 State Competition, the 24th one to be held in the state, was held March 24 at the Radisson Conference Center in Plymouth

Click here to see the winners of the 2007 state meet.

Previous State Champions:

  • 1984 - Central Junior High, White Bear Lake
  • 1985 - St. Peter High School
  • 1986 - Moorhead Middle School
  • 1987 - St. Cloud Apollo
  • 1988 - Lincoln Junior High, Hibbing
  • 1989 - Lincoln Junior High, Hibbing
  • 1990 - Wayzata East Junior High
  • 1991 - Chippewa Middle School, Shoreview
  • 1992 - Stillwater Junior High
  • 1993 - St. Paul Academy
  • 1994 - St. Paul Academy
  • 1995 - St. Paul Academy
  • 1996 - John Ireland Middle School, Hopkins
  • 1997 - Lincoln Junior High, Hibbing
  • 1998 - Waseca Junior High School
  • 1999 - Capitol Hill Magnet, St. Paul
  • 2000 - St. Paul Academy, St. Paul
  • 2001 - Bloomington Hubert Olson
  • 2002 - Field Middle School, Minneapolis
  • 2003 - Moorhead Junior High
  • 2004 - Kellogg Middle School, Rochester
  • 2005 - Capitol Hill Magnet School, St. Paul
  • 2006 - Capitol Hill Magnet School, St. Paul
  • 2007 - Kellogg Middle School, Rochester

National Competition

The top four scoring individual students in the State Meet form the Minnesota team that competes in the National Competition, to be held in early May. The coach of the team that places first in the State Competition accompanies the State team to the National Competition. Expenses for the team and coach to travel to the National Competition are paid by MATHCOUNTS. Scholarships and prizes are awarded to the top 10 individuals and the top three state teams in the national meet.

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