Our objectives

The Adam Smith Society is a group of economists, lawyers, academics and other professionals dedicated to the diffusion of free market ideas and competitive market - led economics. It is a non - profit organisation, funded entirely through subscriptions and sponsorships of the events it organises.
Our aim is to become a point of reference for people interested in our ideas in Italy, and to this end we maintain close links with the major free market organisations around the world, and especially with the Institute of Economic Affairs of London.
Our main area of interest is the regulation of economic activity in all its aspects, from antitrust policies to financial markets regulation.
We are also interested in the related topics of privatisation and deregulation of publicity - owned economic activities (from public utilities, to municipality - owned companies, to prisons).
We are also obviously interested in the analysis and debate of the main stream of classical liberal thinking.
The means used to pursue these goals are various, from the organisation of conferences, seminars and lectures, to the publication of research.






The Adam Smith Society

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