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The autism clock calculates the current estimated U.S. incidence of autism for children ages 3-22. It was developed to allow real-time access to the current Autism incidence. The U.S. Economic Cost is calculated using an estimate of USD $30,000 annually for each child.

We would be happy to create an Autism Clock for other countries provided you have two accurate data points. In the near future we will be providing a autism clock for all 50 states. We will also be providing additional background images. Therefore, if you would like your child featured on the autism clock please email us.

Autism Clock FAQ

Why do exclude adults from the Autism Clock calculation?
We are not aware of any accurate data of the incidence of adults with autism. If we were made aware of this data, we would included them in the calculation.

What is meant by U.S. Annual Economic Cost?
The economic cost is primarily the additional cost of education, medical expenses and caring for the children and adults with autism. This cost is calculated as the amount above and beyond the cost associated with those without the disorder. This economic cost is a huge burden to parents and society. For example, the annual cost of education for a typical child is around $10,000, while the annual cost of education of a child with autism is estimated at $40,000. Typically a child with autism requires specialized medical treatment, which is an additional expense. Therefore, $30,000 per child with autism is an under estimate. Some parents report spending $65,000 per year.

How accurate is the clock?
+/- 2.5% at 12 months out into the future. The last time we calibrated the clock underestimated the IDEA data by 2.5% at 12 months.

May I reuse the clock images or US Annual Growth image?

How can I add the Autism Clock to my website?
Add the following image tag:
<img src=""/>
We ask that you send us an email letting us know the URL of your site using the image.

When was the clock last calibrated?
November 11, 2003 using the data shown below.

How offen is the clock viewed?
Once every 60 seconds.

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