My Observations and Opinions

on Dental Regeneration and Healing 

With Natural Healing Modalities 

(such as raw diets, supplements, energy healing or spiritual healing)

I am often asked what I think about, or know about, dental regeneration and dental healing as a result of natural healing modalites, particularly raw foods diets, including both vegan and those which include animal foods, the latter of which are often referred to as RVAF diets (raw vegetation and animal foods), nutritional supplements, energy healing and spiritual healing. 

Well, what do we mean by dental regeneration?  Dental regeneration, as usually defined, may include any of the following:

  • spontaneous self-repair of dental caries (cavities, both new and those already restored with "fillings") 
  • complete regrowth of damaged or missing portions of teeth
  • complete regrowth (regeneration) of missing teeth 
And, then, how shall we define healing, since this term could overlap with the scope of the term "dental regeneration"?  Given our ad hoc definition iterated above of dental regeneration, a good working definition of dental healing might include any of the following:
  • repair of dental caries (note overlap with the above definition...)
  • repair of damaged portions or missnig portions of teeth (again, note overlap with earlier definition)
  • repair and healing of damaged gums or deep bone tissue (as from dental infections)
  • amelioration of infections of the pulp or root of the tooth, often labeled abscesses if they result in siginifcant pain or swelling
  • freedeom from recurrence of dental caries (cavities)
However, before we delve too deeply into these issues, let me tell you a bit about myself and my background, so that you have some sense of who I am and where I am coming from. I eat a largely-raw, largely-Paleolithic diet (one which included raw animal foods), and have done so for almost four years.  I am one of those odd rare birds who is both mystic and a trained scientist, and have also trained as an (electronics) engineer and an astrophysicist (stellar interiors).  I have a graduate degree in the health sciences, I have also trained at the graduate level in acupuncture and clinical psychology (psychotherapy), and even picked up certification from ACE as a personal trainer along the way. However, I have also been a mystic since a very early age, and for many years I trained in and practiced energy healing. Eventually I was guided to drop energy healing work and instead offer spiritual healing (more on all these systems and definitions below...) So, be forwarned: I am a person with one foot in the world of science and engineering, and one foot in the word of Spirit and indefinable energies...

Here, then, are my musings and observations.....

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Some Observations Regarding Raw Diets and Dental Regeneration

Let's be clear here....  This website started as an informational website about the possible benefits of eating largely raw and largely Paleolithic diets, particularly ones which include some animal foods. Of course, as will happen with any self-evolving system, the scope of this website has grown to include a number of related wholistic modalities to allow folks to reach a greater level of health and vitality. In other words, the scope of the site has grown well beyond the realm of simply largely-raw or largely-Paleolithic diets (aka Caveman diet or Neanderthal diet.)  I will assume that most inquirers who have been asking me about dental regeneration and dental healing are primarily interested in largely-raw or largely-Paleolithic diets, but would also be open to information abou other wholistic, gentle, non-invasive methods of natural healing as well. Thus, the intent of this webpage is to attempt to share what I know and what I have learned and observed in these realms. 

First, let us get out of the way the perennial and related questions:

"Will a raw diet heal all my cavities and damaged teeth?
"Will it prevent further cavities?"
"Will it regenerate my missing or badly damaged teeth?"
From my own perspective, the answer to these questions is that a raw diet (whether vegan or an RVAF diet) alone will not usually result in a whole lot of drastic repair/regrowth phenomena.  Indeed, there are rampant stories of many fruitarians and raw vegans who, over time, have suffered accelerated gum disease and development of dental caries (cavities) due to long-term deficiencies (of minerals, trace elements, fatty acids, protein, etc.) linked to such diets.  However, a number of persons on RVAF (raw vegetation and animal foods) diets (aka RAF diets) have reported that existing cavities and broken teeth (which were exposing pulp or root) have sealed over with what appears to be a layer of calcium and that all decay and pain at those sites have ceased. Further, many folks on largely-raw RVAF diets have also reported reversal of gum disease and periodontal disease.  In both cases, the majority of folks reporting such phenomena (myself included) seem to have made a real effort to ensure ample levels of minerals (especially calcium (Ca) and magnesium (Mg)) and trace minerals in their diet (conversely, I have encountered other folks in the largely-raw RVAF world who continued to have dental and gum problems until they started supplementing with Ca, Mg and trace minerals . There have been a few folks in the raw vegan world, particularly teenagers, who have also reported healing or sealing of cavities, and one report of a raw vegan tenager (from the Boutenko family, discussed below) who apparently had all his cavities completely heal, including re-growth of missing enamel.

So, my genearal observation is that if a person is on a largely-raw RVAF diet, and they are getting enuf calcium (Ca), magnesium (Mg) and other minerals (almost always needed as well from supplemental sources), then they may likely experience a complete halt of dental caries (which causes cavities) at their current stage, and an arresting of the development of  further cavities, and they seem to often report that existing cavities will "seal" -- meaning the cavity stops growing, but much of the cavity is still there, and may still look discolored, but it is now sealed by a thin layer of minerals (an enamel-like compound) deposited by the body, and no longer causes pain or discomfort.  I had a detailed conversation, in person, on this topic with Aajonus Vonderplanitz (the founder of the Primal Diet, which is an all-raw RVAF or RAF diet) in both November 2000 and again in early 2001, and his own experiences and observations seem to jibe one hundred percent with mine. He shared with me that he has almost never seen complete regeneration (re-filling) of a cavity from any raw diet, whether it be raw vegan or RVAF (aka RAF), but that folks on his diet often experience the type of sealing of old cavities which I have referenced above. 

Further, and here the percentages are, of course, lower than for the phenomena related above, I have heard a number of anecdotal reports (first-person and second-person) that indicate that a significant number of persons on partially-raw or fully-raw RVAF or Paleo diets who also supplemented extensively with minerals (particularly Ca, Mg, boron, and especially the so-called "chelated colloidal liquid minerals" from ancient seabeds) seem to experience full repair of all cavities, even to the extent of old restorations ("fillings") being pushed out of the tooth as the process unfolds.

Going further, it seems that in general, folks on an RVAF diet usually seem to have an easier time with teeth -- both in terms of arresting of old cavities and sealing of open cavities -- than do most folks on a raw vegan diet; fruitarian diets seem to be the worst in this regard.  However, there are a few isolated reports of folks, often teenagers (again, for example, see the Boutenko reference below), on raw vegan diets who have achieved either partial or full restoration of old cavities from raw diet alone.  Examining raw vegan diets more closely, if we go to the extremes of such diets, and take a look at fruitarians (folks who eat primarily raw fruit or only raw fruit), we find numerous stories of rather massive tooth deay and even tooth loss among people who try or have tried fruitarian diets over the long-term (3 months or longer), and also among some Instinctos (and Anopsologists) and Pangaians who have chosen to eat largely-fruit raw diets. 

Despite my previous statements above that RVAF diets in general seem to allow folks to "do better" with dental problems than raw vegan diets, there are some exceptions. Perhaps the most notable which comes to mind is that of the Boutenko family, a family (often reported upon via raw vegan websites and in raw vegan lectures and conventions; Victoria Boutenko has also written a book on the benefits of raw  diets) which has eaten an all raw vegan diet for at least four years.  Victoria Boutenko has reported in her book and in lectures that their then-15 year old, previously diabetic son experienced complete self-repair of all of his dental cavities (to quote a book reviewer, "imagine Sergei's horror as his fillings fell out one by one, and his subsequent amazement as those same teeth refilled themselves") after being on a raw vegan diet for a few years.  For an off-site link to the Bouteno Family homepage, see The Rawfamily Page .   For some off-site pages with reviews on Victoria Boutenko's book, please see Wellness Today -- Book Review: Raw Family and Raw Food Info Review of Raw Family .

Dental Healing and Regeneration with Other Natural Healing Methods
Is all hope lost for complete regrowth of missing or badly damaged teeth?  Not necessarily, although our excursion is now about to venture beyond the confines of largely-raw food diets and largely-Peleolithic diets (aka Caveman diet)....  There are several natural healing traditions which have seen occasional regrowth of missing teeth or regeneration of the damaged part of  cavity-ridden teeth.  These traditions/techniques are:

Body Electronics
Body Electronics (I trained in this tradition for about 7 years; it does involve a largely-raw diet as one component) is a system of natural self-healing (with a spiritual component as well) and related methods which aim for cellular regeneration. While Body Electronics (aka BE) does not officially claim that this will happen on their program, and in fact officially warns that you cannot count on it, nor even exect such results at all , there are at least 5 folks (and probably more like 14, according to friends who have delved deeper into BE than I), mostly in the mid-West USA region (largely Michigan) who  experienced such regrowth in the 1970s and 1980s due to use of BE methods.  The interesting thing is that in these cases, each person had previously had dental restorations ("fillings") in their cavities, and, during the healing (in a few hours or overnite), the restorations (fillings) popped right out of the teeth, and the teeth regrew new pulp, dentin and enamel, to become whole again.  A few of these folks regrew teeth which had been entirely missing.  If you wish to learn more about Body Electronics, please see my article on an on-site page entitled An Overview of Body Electronics: Effectiveness and Controversies.

A fascinating side note to this: I decided to do a rather in-depth follow-up of a male one-time BE practitioner from Michigan who'd had all his teeth with cavities (I believe there were five) self-repair overnite (I believe there was a minor white-light experience as well as some foul odors coming off his body as he did a rapid nasty detox as well) while at a 5-day BE seminar in the late 1970s.  It turns out that, as many people do at times, he eventually got caught up in the details of living life, and forgot about natural healing.  Within a year or two afterward, he apparently lost all interest in health and healing, dropped his raw food diet and went back to the ways of the world, including fast food and french fries.  Within 10 years, according to friends of his, he had more cavities and restorations than before he had started his BE work, and it did not appear to bother him one bit!  He apparently has never shown any interest in returning to BE or raw foods, last I heard, despite his rather magical experience with BE in the late 1970s.

Herbalist John Christopher, Sr.
The late John Christopher, Sr. the master herbalist, claimed a few such successes as well, using herbs; and apparently these cases occurred in the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s. Again in these cases, it did not seem to matter if there were restorations (fillings) in place or not.  Further, he even claimed a few cases of teeth which grew to replace missing teeth.

Mystics and Meditators
Some folks in spiritual traditions who experience a state of complete God-unity and love and perfection have also experienced massive healings in their bodies at the same time, including tooth regeneration.  Some of these miraculous healings have apparently occured in the past 50 years, and some in the USA. I will cover the related topics of energy healers and spiritual healers below. 

Quantum Touch
Quantum Touch (QT) is an easy-to-learn system of increasing inner energy flow so that the practitioner may then use that energy for their own healing or to work on others via energy healing modalities, either in-person via hands-on work or via remote healing. Some folks who practice QT use QT methods only as their healing modality, while others use the QT techniques to "energize" other energy work, such as Polarity or Reiki.  The founder of Quantum Touch is Richard Gordon, who is a colleague and friend of mine.  Richard has recently reported to me (November 2004) that QT practitoners have, in the past few years, reported at least two cases of dental regeneration (regrowth of missing or damaged teet) in clients and also at least one case of a major correction of overbite. Here are all the details of each case that I have available to me at this time:

1) Dental regeneration in an adult female:  A healer named Bob Rasmussen, whom Richard has credited with teaching him much of what has become QT, reported to Richard that he had performed several hands-on QT healings on his adult daughter, a woman in her mid-40s; she had a history of some rough dental problems, including lots of cavities, lots of restorations (filllings) and other problems, and had lost a number of teeth, leaving gaps in her mouth.  Bob told Richard that his daughter reported to him that after several sessions of QT new teeth had erupted in her mouth to replace each missing tooth. However, a caveat, Richard has also written to me the following about this purported incident:
"Story #1 was told to me by Robert Rasmusson, the man who taught me to run energy, who worked on his daughter.  The session was not remote, but lasting almost two hours.  She had already lost her teeth and a new set grew in.  I have no way to validate this tall tale."
2) Dental regeneration in an adult female: In one of Richard's instructor workshops, a woman in her 40s who was a QT student and had been a recent and frequent recipient of numerous QT sessoins (some during worshops) reported that two missing teeth were being replaced by new "baby" teeth which were now erupting from her gums to replace them; she claimed that recent x-rays from her dentist showed the erupting teeth. Richard has written about this incident:
"#2 - ...She was in her 40s and attended one of my workshops.  I believe that most of the reason she succeeded was because she absolutely believed she would.  She had two missing teeth that had fallen out years ago, and x-rays showed two new teeth coming in to replace the missing ones.  The teeth had not yet broken through the gums yet, and I had not seen her x-rays, but she was thrilled and excited about the results so I believed her."
3) Correction of major overbite in one remote session: An accomplished QT and energy healing practitioner in Florida reported to Richard in December 2004, and subsequently to me, a tale of a significant healing of dental overbite in an adult female healing client. The womain in question had volunteered for a healing treatment, but had reported that her only health-related problem was a case of overbite which was curently being corrected with a retainer. So, on a Wednesday evening in November 2004, the QT practitioner (also a degreed minister) and several members of his congregation who were also QT practitioners devoted a bit of time to performing remote healing on the woman in question. I am told that the client called the practitioner within hours and reported that her overbite had been corrected almost instantly, and that she also gleefully reported that her dental retainer would not longer fit in her mouth.  Before and after photos were also submitted to Richard Gordon and to me. The QT practitioner in this case was Rev. Dennis Alexander, who is located in Florida; his website may be found at
Here are some more comments on this case by Richard Gordon:
"#3 She just wanted a general healing session, and the thing that changed was her overbite.  Body intelligence does what it will with the energy.  This was a hands on session with a small group of QT practitioners.....
This story is solid.  Feel free to use the photos too.
I heard from a number of QT people that they could delay root canals for a very long time (with QT) and perhaps avoid them." 
By the way, many of the basic energy methods that QT uses to increase inner energy flow may be easily learned from their inexpensive book or from one of their tapes/CDs or videotapes. To learn more about QT, or to find a practitioner of QT near you, check out their website at, or call  888-424-0041 or (direct dial) 808-821-1940; their e-mail address is

Some Other Systems and Methods
A few folks (I believe the count to be four) who have used the inert noble gas/magnetic devices designed by Hilarion have experienced regrowth of missing teeth.  Jon Fox (who happens to be a raw foodist as well) may be able to tell you more about this, as he markets these devices; more information is available at his Hilarion website (off-site link) .

Putative UFO Encounters!
A few folks who have reported close encounters "of the third kind" with UFOs have claimed to have had all kinds of healings, including several tooth regeneration incidents (a few of these folks have web pages talking about these things; you may find them via a search at Google search engine if you wish....).  I have never bothered to verify these myself, and would wonder, if the stories are true, if perhaps the person had had some sort of major spiritual opening, accompanied by white light and healing, and then later attributed it to a UFO encounter in an attmpt to define or classify the experience.

Spiritual Healers
Please note the I am using herein the term "spiritual healer" in its strictest sense, to indicate those healers who work only by invoking God (or Being or Spirit or Divinity, whichever you prefer) and allowing God/Being to restore perfection, with no energy work or effort or intention on the healer's part. In my current definition, any system which uses significant intent or visualization or "energy" to heal a problem would qualify as energy healing, rather than purely spiritual healing. Indeed, you will find a section devoted to energy healing further below.

Traveling Faith Healers
A few Christian evangelical ministers based on the East Coast (usually the Carolinas or below ) and who work the entire Eastern Seaboard circuit, have claimed over the past 10 years, to have lots of missing and damaged teeth self-repair among many people in their audiences.  I have never been able to substantiate any of these stories, and I know that whenever one of the more well-known of these preachers visited my local county in Maryland, and local newspapers have asked for names, phone numbers or other documentation to corroborate the claims, the minister and his support staff have clammed up and been unable to provide any "live specimens" or documented cases.  A few of these ministers claim that the teeth do not exactly self-repair, but rather that all fillings turn to "pure gold" or "pure platinum". 

Willard Fuller
Then there is Dr. Willard Fuller, a well-known spiritual healer, who was ordained a Souther Baptist minister many years ago, served as the pastor of several churches in the forties and fifties, and then become ill with a very serious disease in the fifties.  Dr. Fuller eventually went out into a forest desert for several days and fasted, at which time he was spontaneously cured of his debilitating illness. He was eventually also guided to leave the Southern Baptist tradition and become a spiritual healer and spiritual teacher with a much broader spritual message than that offered within the traditional Christian Protestant religions.  He was further guided to offer mass healings in a traveling ministry, and to focus on dental healings, as they would be a far stronger demonstration of the power of Divinity than other healing.  Dr. Fuller spent many years traveling the country and the world, and especially the Eastern Seaboard, offering mass healings.  He and his followers have claimed many thousands of healings, of which many were dental helaings, over the years. I have even met sincere dentists who have been convinced that at least some of the alleged dental healings were real, after they had examned folks in their area had attended one of Dr. Fuller's mass healings in their local region.

Dr. Willard Fuller is still alive and practicing, and is now about 89 years old.  He no longer travels, but has a small conference and teaching center in Florida (about an hour from Talahassee).  He does still teach at his center, and still offers healings in individual private sessions, in group healings, via phone counseling, and via mail requests. His website may be found at

I have researched Dr. Fuller quite carefully, and have spoken with him personally.  We have become friends, and have correspended and spoken a number of times. My own impression of Dr. Fuller is that he is sincere and highly honest, and that he really does have strong spiritual healing abilities.  I am also impresed with his theology. He has long ago droped any of the limiting visions of God, Jesus Christ, the angels, or the afterlife (or hell) which had been inherent in most of the latter-day mainstream Christian relgions, and instead, his thoeology is more global and universal and all-encompassing, and more in line with the theology of an Eastern guru.  If you are going to try asking any spiritual healer to work on your teeth, I would recommend you try Dr. Fuller.

Olga Worral
A few other psychic healers and spiritual healers have produced documented cases over the years of occasional dental healings. The late Olga Worral of Washington, DC comes to mind -- her healings -- of all kinds -- were quite well-validated, and I have known dentists who believed as well that her few dental healing claims were legitimate. Much like Dr. Willard Fuller, her primary modality seemed to be spiritual healing (versus energy healing,which will be discussed below...). 

Energy Healers
Much as noted above, I define energy healing as qualitatively different from spiritual healing, and, in my schema, energy healing includes any system which uses significant intent or visualization or "energy" to heal a problem would qualify as energy healing, rather than purely spiritual healing. This definition would include much psychic healing and shamanic healing as well, so long as they involve significant intent, visualization or use of energy.

Two Energy Healers who Were Able to Work Well with Teeth
I remember a time in early 2002 when I was on a raisin-eating binge, and it seems that every time I start eating lots of raisins on a daily basis, I seem to get toothaches (they are the only thing in the world nowadays which give me toothaches, if overdone; the reasons are rather obvious: the concentrated sugars, and the gummy nature of raisins, causing pieces to stick in and between teeth ..). Anyway, I was being stubborn, and wanted to keep eating my raisins, and yet wanted to get rid of the excruciating toothache pain, so I simply called my friend Lana, who was a Russian energy healer. I had done several favors for her over the previous year for which she had been very appreciative, and she had always offered to return the favor if I ever needed one. So, one Saturday morning, when I was really getting very tired of the deep toothache (don't ask me why I did not simply stop eating raisins or increase my Ca and Mg levels even further... I guess I was being stubborn...), I called Lana on her cell phone.  She was about 200 miles away at the time, visiting family up the coast, but quickly agreed to do the work remotely; it took her all of about three minutes or less. Within a half-day the toothache was a memory and never returned....

My now-deceased friend Jean Tamborski, who was a healer (my impression of her work was that it was primarily energy healing, with some Joel Goldsmith-type spiritual components thrown in) on Long Island (New York State), often told me that toothaches were one of the easiest things for her to deal with remotely, and that people came to her from far and wide for permanent healings of particular dental problems such as cavities or abscesses. 

My energy healer friend Lana has shifted her attention to other interests, and is not available at this time for any kind of remote healing work, and Jean passed on in early 2002. However, after my mention of each of these healers and their dental work in posts to one of the raw foods list groups, I received several requests from folks who wanted recommendations for other good energy healers who have a good track record with teeth. Yes, most of these folks were aware of Dr. Willard Fuller and his freely-offered (no-fee) spiritual healing (his spiritual healing like mine, involves no energy work, but only God awareness), but these inquirers felt they wanted something more concrete and immediate than pure spiritual healing, and namely, wanted an energy healing practitioner.

Ron Wilding, Australian Energy Healer Extraordinaire
Well, as things will happen in life, in January 2004 an old root canal tooth which had been 90% filling material (restorations) above the gum line had gradually lost almost all its filling material, exposing the old root canal root and pulp, and allowing debris and saliva into it. Well, within a few weeks, the dead root/tooth became abscessed, and I was walking around with a big painful bump the size of a small egg on my upper left cheek from the abscess, and with a concomitant moderate degree of pain and discomfort in that area and in nearby teeth. Well, anyone who knows me knows that I did not jump up and run to a dentist, nor did I turn to antibiotics or "alternative" anti-microbials.  Rather, I simply increased my intake of antioxidants and EM fermented antioxidant brews (a powerful live-food nutritional supplement), since the toxins produced by the bacteria in such abscessed dead roots are highly oxidative in nature. 

Finally, when the abscess had persisted for five days non-stop, I chose to deal with it. My two healer friends mentioned above who had helped me in the past with dental problems were not available (see notes above) and so, guided by intuitions, I performed a quick web search, and within minutes I intuitively picked from the web (from the many tens of thousands of energy healers available) the best energy healer for the "problem", and ended up calling a man named Ron Wilding in Australia.  While he calls his healing a type of "spiritual healing", it is apparent that there is a strong energy component to it as well (in contrast, for example to my healing method or the Joel Goldsmith method, which are purely at level of Spirit), and I somehow felt and "knew" that this was what was needed at the moment....

Well, I called Ron the same evening that I had been guided to pick him; he charged me $40 (USD) for an absent healing, and the effect was strongly apparent within a few hours; all pain was gone within a couple of hours, the abscess/swelling was reduced by 80% within 10 hours, and the abscess and swelling and all nearby discomfort were totally gone within 32 hours. The degree of relief and healing was even greater than that of some dental healing work done for me in the past by two other energy healer friends of mine. I strongly recommend Ron Wilding.  Ron's website may be found at  and his (US) number is 1-800-645-2870.

Some Minor Related Notes
What if you do want fillings or already have them?  I personally believe, after much research and personal experience, that plastic composite fillings (restorations) are better for the body than metal amalgam.  However, some folks in the RVAF movement, including Aajonus Vonderplanitz (father of the Primal Diet), feel that their bodies will not tolerate any restoration material at all, and thus have had all their fillings removed and their old cavities exposed.  I personally have only plastic composite restorations. I had all my amalgams (49) removed in the late 1980's at great expense, to be be replaced with composites; I have never regretted this. Perhaps some day I may try having a few composites restorations removed to allow the body to seal the cavity; in the meantime I allow this by natrual attrition; as old plastic composite restorations fall out, I do not replace them.  I do note that at least some of the stories above of dental regeneration happened in teeth with intact restorations -- the fillings apparently "popped out" at the time of repair in these cases.

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