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CBCA Book of the Year Awards

The winners for the CBCA 2006 - 05 Book of the Year Awards are now posted on the National CBCA site

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Reviewer of The Year Awards

The 2007 ROTY ( Reviewer Of The Year ) awards are now open!
      Closing date extended to July 30th

- ROTY 2007 Flyer ( 460kb )
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Victorian Judge

2006 / 2007

Susan La Marca is the Victorian Judge for the CBCA Book of the Year 2006/2007 Awards.

Susan is a secondary school teacher-librarian. Currently she works freelance in a variety of roles including that of editor of Synergy, the research journal of the School Library Association of Victoria and as Associate Editor of the journal Viewpoint: on books for young adults. Susan has edited a number of publications including Back to books: Creating a focus on Fiction (1999) and Books up Front: Investing in the value of Reading (2001).

Her tertiary studies include a Bachelor of Education (Librarianship), a Graduate Diploma in Children’s Literature and a Masters of Education (Research) (1994). Her PhD thesis, completed in 2003, investigated the factors that contribute to the creation of a reading environment in secondary school libraries. She has written and presented on this, and related topics, locally, nationally and internationally.

Susan says “My passion for literature of all kinds stems from a belief in its ability to take us beyond ourselves. I am interested in the role that literature can play in the lives of young people and am supportive of the depth of quality Australian publishing. How we engage young people in the practice of reading and support practitioners to create life long learners through engagement with text is a constant in all of my professional endeavours."

Previous Judges


Note: From 1946-56 judges were drawn from the NSW Branch, and subsequently from the Branch providing the National Executive. The practice of appointing one judge from each Branch began in 1964.

1957 Judges drawn from the Victorian Branch - no records
1960 Judges drawn from the Victorian Branch - no records
1964 Mrs Purves-Smith
1965 Peg Young
1966 Peg Young
1967 Peg Young
1968 Nance Donkin
1969 Peg Young
1970 Peg Young
1971 Peg Young
1972 Walter McVitty
1973 Walter McVitty
1974 Peg Young
1975 Peg Young
1976 Margaret Dunkle
1977 Margaret Dunkle
1978 Margaret Dunkle
1979 Peg Young
1980 Peg Goode
1981 Peg Goode
1982 Eileen Nelson
1983 Eileen Nelson
1984 Margaret Aitken
1985 Margaret Aitken
1986 Jo Goodman
1987 Jo Goodman
1988 Glenda Benness
1989 Glenda Benness
1990 Margot Tyrrell (Hillel)
1991 Margot Tyrrell (Hillel)
1992 Virginia Lowe
1993 Virginia Lowe
1994 Ann Grieve
1995 Ann Grieve
1996 Pam Macintyre
1997 Pam Macintyre
1998 Jo Goodman
1999 Jo Goodman
2000 Christine Oughtred
2001 Christine Oughtred
2002 Jill McCallum
2003 Jill McCallum
2004 Marcia Phillips
2005 Marcia Phillips
2006 Susan La Marca

The Crichton Award for Children's Book Illustration


In 1985 Mr Wallace Raymond Crichton left a legacy to the Children's Book Council of Australia (Victorian Branch).

The Branch decided to establish an award to recognise and encourage new talent in the field of Australian children's book illustration. It was first awarded in 1988.

Although administered by the Victorian Branch, it is a CBCA national award, and the results are announced with The Book of the Year Awards.


  1. The award will be known as the Crichton Award for Children's Book Illustration.
  2. The award will be an annual event.
  3. The winner of the Crichton Award will be announced during Children's Book Week.
  4. The winner will receive a presentation certificate and a monetary award of $1,500.
  5. The judging panel of three people will be nominated and elected by the executive of the Children's Book Council of Australia (Victorian Branch) Inc. The panel will consist of :
    1. The convenor - a representative of the Victorian Branch executive;.
    2. An established illustrator or artist with a knowledge of children's books;
    3. A children's literature representative chosen from the following; children's librarian, teacher librarian, teacher of children's literature, bookseller or a person from another related field as nominated by the Victorian branch executive.
  6. The judges will be invited to serve for two years, the illustrator and the children's literature representatives being replaced in alternating years for continuity.
  7. The judges will usually select one winner in a year, on behalf of the executive of the CBCA (Victorian Branch) but reserve the right to make no award if in their opinion, no new illustrator displays a high enough standard in their work submitted for the award.
  8. The judges will issue a report.

Eligibility Criteria

  1. The artist must be emerging or new to the field of children’s book illustration.
  2. The artist must be an Australian citizen or have resided in Australia for the three years prior to December 31 of the year of publication of the book entered.
  3. The entry must be the artist's first illustrated book published by a trade publisher, where the illustrations form a significant part of the book's narrative or information content.
  4. Books entered must have been first published in Australia between January 1 and December 31 of the year prior to the award.
NOTE: the illustrator MAY enter ONLY once.

Supply of entries for judging

  1. Publishers are requested to send four (4) copies of the artist's book with the completed entry form signed by the illustrator.
  2. There is no entry fee, but books entered become the property of the CBCA (Victorian Branch) Incorporated.
  3. Entries should be sent in one parcel to the address on the entry form.
  4. Entries must be postmarked on or before the last day of February in the year of the award.

For further information, please contact:
Sarah Mayor Cox
Crichton Award Convenor
CBCA Victorian Branch

Entry Forms

Criteria ( 141K )
Publisher's Entry Form ( 90K )
Illustrator's Entry Form ( 98K )


1988 - Raymond Meeks "The Pheasant and the Kingfisher"
1989 - Marilyn Pride "Australian Dinosaurs"
1990 - Jeanie Adams "Pigs and Honey"
1991 - Grace Fielding "Bip, the Snapping Bungaroo"
1992 - Kim Gamble "The Magnificent Nose & Other Marvels"
1993 - Donna Leslie "Alitiji in Dreamland"
1994 - Jenny Sands "Is it True Grandfather?"
1995 - Joint Winners
           Astri Baker "I Wish I'd Gone to the Moon with Neil Armstrong"
           Geoff Kelly "Power and Glory"
1996 - Anne Spudvilas "The Race"
1997 - Sally Rippin "Fang Fang's Chinese New Year"
1998 - Joint Winners
           Shaun Tan "The Viewer"
           Anna Pignataro "I'm in the Sky and I Can't Come Back"
1999 - No winner this year
2000 - Lorette Broekstra "Baby Bear goes to the Zoo"
2001 - Caroline Magerl "Grandma's Shoes"
2002 - Mini Goss "When Mum was Little"
2003 - Naomi Mairou "The Dugong Meadow"
2004 - Freya Blackwood "Two Summers"
2005 - Declan Lee "Wings";
2006 - Jeremy Geddes "The Mystery of Eilean Mor"

2006 Crichton Award winner - Jeremy Geddes

for first time illustrators of picture books

Jeremy receiving his award
It is our pleasure to announce that the winner of the 2006 CBCA Crichton Award for Children's Book Illustration is Jeremy Geddes for his illustration of 'The Mystery of Eilean Mor' text by Gary Crew . Published by Lothian Books.

Excerpt from Judge's report reads:

Jeremy Geddes, The mystery of Eilean Mor (text by Gary Crew), Lothian, 2005.

"Jeremy Geddes' technically brilliant and evocative artwork shows an artist in complete control of his chosen medium and demonstrates extraordinarily good judgement of how it should be used in this context. His powerful illustrations and consummate design carry and interpret a text which may otherwise have been less accessible to the intended reader. His recurrent use of visual motifs is sophisticated and challenging and demands that the reader actively engage with the clues and mysteries of this text. Readers will recognise his allusions to aspects of film noir, modern game design and the graphic novel. Geddes' debut is stunning and memorable and convinces the judges that he will continue to make masterful and innovative contributions to Australian picture book publishing."

Jeremy Geddes:

Having worked in the video game development industry as an art director for five years, Jeremy Geddes made the transition to full-time painting two years ago, and has since had sell-out group and solo shows, attracting fans worldwide. Using traditional oil painting techniques, Eilean Mor contains close to twenty full-scale paintings, and represents the culmination of almost a year's work. Jeremy lives in Melbourne.'

Leila St John Award


The Leila St John Award is an annual award of the Victorian Branch of the CBCA. It is awarded for services to children's literature in Victoria. Although it is usually awarded to an individual, it may be given as a joint or group award when that is deemed to be more appropriate.

It is named after Leila St John, a founding member of the Victorian Branch who played an active role for many years. Her particular contribution was the founding and running of the annual Christmas Book Appeal for many years. This appeal enables the gift of a new book, individually selected, to all children in residential care in Victoria, at Christmas. Even in her nineties Leila produced the beautifully hand written bookplates with each child's name that are placed in each book.

The Award was first presented in 1999.

Presentation of the Leila St John Award and Certificate is made at the Victorian Branch AGM.

Jo Goodman


The closing date for nominations is the last Friday of September

Advice To Nominators ( 55K )
Award Nomination Form ( 41K )

Previous Winners

Previous Winners are:
  • 1999 - Bea Fincher
  • 2000 - Moira Robinson
  • 2001 - Ann Haddon and Ann James (joint award)
  • 2002 - Margaret Dunkle
  • 2003 - Kay Keck
  • 2004 - award not made
  • 2005 - Nell Bell
  • 2006 - award not made

  • The Nan Chauncy Award


    The Nan Chauncy Award is a biennial award (formerly a quinquennial award) presented by the Children’s Book Council of Australia to recognise a person’s outstanding contribution to the field of children’s literature in Australia.
    Members of the Children’s Book Council are urged to nominate suitable candidates for this award.
    Nomination forms and the sheet Advice to nominators are available from CBCA Branches, Reading Time and the CBCA website.

    Previous Winners.

    Previous winners of the award are:
    1983 Marcie Muir
    1988 Joyce Oldmeadow
    1993 Laurie Copping
    1998 Walter McVitty
    2000 Belle Alderman
    2002 Maurice Saxby
    2004 Margaret Hamilton
    2006 Muriel Barwell (W.A.)

    Please direct any queries to the coordinator Jo Goodman
    Phone: (03) 9439 8463