Titanic Crew List

Every one of Titanic's crew are remembered with detailed biographies. Open each section to read their remarkable stories.

The Maiden Voyage

Deck Crew
Engine Crew
Victualling Crew
Restaurant Staff
Postal Clerks
The Guarantee Group
Ships Orchestra
Discharged Crew


Delivery Trip Crew (Belfast to Southampton)
Crew's Last Ship

Crew Signing-On Particulars of Engagement

Belfast, Crew: Particulars of Engagement (PRONI Ref: 2A/45/381, A-H)
Deck Crew and Engineers
Engine Crew
Victualling / Catering Crew

Southampton, Crew: Agreement and Account of Crew (PRO Ref: BT100/259)
1. Deck Department
2. Engine Department - Engineers / Misc
3. Engine Department - Book 1
4. Engine Department - Book 2
5. Engine Department - Book 3
6. Victualling Department - First Class
7. Victualling Department - Second Class
8. Victualling Department - Third Class / Galley
9. Victualling Department - à la carte restaurant (Supplement: Address List)
Supplement (Part I.) : "Seamen who have failed to join or otherwise left the ship"
Supplement (Part III) : "Substitutes Engaged"

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