John L. Farris (b. 1936)


Born in Missouri, but raised in Memphis where he attended Southwestern, Farris began writing at an early age. By fourteen he had produced two eighty-thousand word suspense novels, which he failed to get published. He continued to write, however, and during his first year in the University of Missouri graduate English program he wrote his sixth novel (Warren and McClaren 19). He also worked for the Commercial-Appeal and the Press-Scimitar in Memphis covering sports, but his real success has come as a writer of suspense novels, of which he has over twenty to his name, three of which have been made into films--Harrison High as Because They're Young, When Michael Calls, and The Fury, which was directed by Brian De Palma. He also directed his own screenplay, Dear Dead Delilah, in 1972. He currently lives in New York state.




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