Explore the many facets of Nigeria's capital city:

Central District

The city has been well planned and the Central District is located between the foot of Aso Rock and into the Three Arms Zone to the southern base of the ring road. It is like the city's spinal cord, dividing it into the northern sector with Maitama and Wuse, and the southern sector with Garki and Asokoro. While each district has its own clearly demarcated commercial and residential sectors, the Central District is the city's principal Business Zone, where practically all parastatals and multinational corporations have their offices located. An attractive area in the Central District is the region known as the Three Arms Zone, so called because it houses the administrative offices of the executive, legislative and judicial arms of the Federal Government. A few of the other sites worth seeing in the area are the Federal Secretariats alongside Sheu Shagari way, Aso Hill, the Abuja Plant Nursery, Parade Square and the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier across the road facing it. The Brigade of Guards organizes a twenty-four watch at the spot and they have a colorful ceremonial change of guard. The National Mosque and National Church are located opposite each other on either side of Independence Avenue.

Garki District

The Garki District is the area in the southwest corner of the city, having the Central District to the north and the Asokoro District to the east. There are some interesting buildings, which include the General Post Office, Abuja International Conference Center, Abuja Sofitel Hotel, Agura Hotel, the Federal Secretariat Complex, Garki Shopping center, several bank buildings and other commercial offices. At present it is the principal business district of Abuja.

Wuse District

This is the northwestern part of the city, with the Maitama District to its north and the Central District to its south. The Wuse Markert is Abuja's principal market. The second most important Post Office in the city is located here. This district also houses the Sheraton Hotel and Towers, Ibro International hotel, and the Nigerian Tourism Development Corporation.

Maitama District

Maitama District is to the north of the city, with the Wuse and Central Districts lying to its southwest and southeast respectively. This area is home to the top bracket sections of society and business, and has the reputation of being very exclusive and also very expensive. Interesting buildings include the Nicon Hilton Hotel, National Universities Commission, Soil Conservation Complex, National Electoral Commission, and European Economic Community (EEC) office.

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