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Age of Mythology pc Game Reviews
Age of Mythology
Critic Score
Metascore: 89 Metascore out of 100
User Score  
8.2 out of 10
based on 31 reviews
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based on 30 votes
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Age of Mythology transports players to a time when heroes did battle with monsters of legend and the gods intervened in the affairs of mortal men. Players wage war using human armies and diplomacy, progress through development ages, enhance military and economic performance with improvements, and manage economics through resource gathering and trade. Mythology enters the mix when players call upon the gods to act on their behalf or reinforce their armies with more than 20 mythological creatures. Ensemble Studios' new 3D engine adds a deep richness of graphical detail and creates a unique new title based on the ancient cultural history of the Greek, Norse, and Egyptian cultures, which are divided into nine detailed civilizations. [Microsoft]

PUBLISHER: Microsoft
DEVELOPER: Ensemble Studios
GENRE(S): Real-Time Strategy
RELEASE DATE: October 31, 2002

What The Critics Said

All critic scores are converted to a 100-point scale. If a critic does not indicate a score, we assign a score based on the general impression given by the text of the review. Learn more...

The balance between the powers, the factions, the troops, and the monsters lends the game tremendous depth and replay value.
Read Full Review
Adrenaline Vault
Appealing to both the intellect and the imagination, it presents itself vividly and audaciously, leaving little doubt that it intends to be a complete experience in every possible way.
Read Full Review
Yahoo! Games
Stylistic RTS ambrosia, mana from heaven and a cornucopia of gameplay and replay value. This one is fit for the gods.
Read Full Review
It's certainly the closest I've ever gotten to a perfect gaming experience with an RTS game.
Read Full Review
Entertainment Weekly
With its streamlined interface and modern makeover, AoM is itself a mythical beast: a sequel that's simultaneously deeper and more accessible than its predecessor. [10 Jan 2003, p.76]
The game looks, plays, and feels splendid! This game will not leave the player's CD-Rom for a long time, since it has such an astounding replay value.
Read Full Review
Game Informer
Drives the gameplay stake through the heart of this genre, and keeps on stabbing. [Jan 2003, p.116]
Gamers' Temple
Among the best in the Valhalla of strategy gaming.
Read Full Review
Game Over Online
Combining a great storyline, great gameplay, great graphics and an enjoyable multiplayer experience, Age of Mythology is guaranteed to delight RTS fans everywhere.
Read Full Review
Gamer's Pulse
The quintessential RTS game.
Read Full Review
A fantastic complete package. It's a real ornament for the genre and a benchmark that won't soon be surpassed.
Read Full Review
AoM takes what makes both the "Age of Empires" series and the "Warcraft" series great, and blends it all together into a tasty frappe, and the end result is simply divine.
Read Full Review
Plays remarkably well. Featuring lots of interesting, inventive design decisions, plenty of fun-to-use units, and tons of variety, Age of Mythology is the last real-time strategy game you'll need for a long time.
Read Full Review
Polished, intuitive, balanced, and fun, this is one of the best RTS games ever made, but if you’re bored with the genre this isn’t going to suddenly make you a believer again.
Read Full Review
Computer Games Magazine
The unit AI is good enough that you can give broad orders without worrying about your men and monsters doing too many dumb things. [Jan 2003, p.60]
Electric Playground
It's just so frickin' wild and cool. You can get whole forests to come to life and attack your enemies, build huge monsters like the Hydra (yes, it grows more heads as it takes damage), and pound the enemy city into a crater with meteor storms.
Read Full Review
PC Arena
Without a doubt, the gameplay, graphics and sound all add up for a spectacular RTS title that you will be able to play for hours upon hours without getting remotely bored.
Read Full Review
Games Radar UK (Pre-2006)
The best Age game yet, featuring frightening fantasy units without all the bearded baggage. [PC Gamer UK]
Read Full Review
All Game Guide
Games feature furious battles over centrally located resources, enormously powerful mythological units wreaking havoc, and players competing for the favor of ancient gods. The result is fantastic, fun.
Read Full Review
Voodoo Extreme
The storyline is as good as - if perhaps better than - "Warcraft 3" in parts, and the various multiplayer modes and the strategy of the different sides combined with the various gods add up to a good deal of longevity.
Read Full Review
Felt tired in its singleplayer campaign – though it was still far better than "WarCraft III."
Read Full Review
PC Format
It’s managed to make ostensibly the same game as it always has, but with just a little bit of lateral thinking has revolutionised its own formula. Bring on Age of Bomber Jackets, already.
Read Full Review
PC Gamer
Regrettably, most of AoM's missions suffer from one recurring, frustrating problem: a severe case of "build base-itis." [Holiday 2002, p.68]
While AoM sports the best single-player campaign in any "Age" game, it's still no award-winner. [Jan 2003, p.66]
As rich, inspiring and epic as strategy games get, and (save for Blizzard's "Warcraft III") it's possibly the most immersive strategy game we have seen in quite some time... [Yet]the AI could've been better.
Read Full Review
While AoM sports a new graphics engine and three unique factions, on the whole it plays very much like its predecessors. Too much like its predecessors, if you were hoping for a truly different game experience.
Read Full Review
Game Revolution
Just don't expect anything new. Like the myths themselves, AoM's gameplay has been passed down from generation to generation for many, many years.
Read Full Review
Not since "Zeus: Master Of Olympus" have the gods smiled so benignly on RTS worshippers, and for new adorers and regular acolytes alike, Age Of Mythology is a revelation – this is a must for followers and atheists alike.
Read Full Review
"Warcraft III" is very innovative and has production values higher than just about any game ever released on the PC, while Age of Mythology is simply a worthy successor to an excellent series.
Read Full Review
Computer Gaming World
I'll still marvel at the design and balance of the game. But deep in my heart, I'll still be waiting for something new to make me excited about RTS games again. [Jan 2003, p.98]
PC Gameworld
My experience with Age of Mythology was one of apathy and boredom... Think of AoM as Led Zeppelin’s "Stairway to Heaven." Sure, it’s a great song, but do you really want to hear it over and over again?
Read Full Review

What Our Users Said

Vote Now! The average user rating for this game is 8.2 (out of 10) based on 30 User Votes
Note: User votes are NOT included in the Metascore calculation.

Randall S. gave it a10:
This is probably the best strategy game I've ever played. It's fast paced and exciting compared to other age games, and the campaign, although the story sucks, is a lot of fun. The real gold is the multiplayer mode, hundreds of hours of fun fighting other players.

Meta P. gave it a9:
A superbly entertaining mix of a few spectrums of mythology into what makes a very entertaining RTS with brilliant gameplay, though a very slightly lacking plot.

Michael L. gave it a9:
An excellent RTS. With elements from Age of Empires with monsters and incredible God powers thrown into the mix, you're left with a deep, fun, and fulfilling experience.

Mathias P. gave it an8:
A really good game. The graphics is great, and the god section works very well, but it seem like you have played this game before.

Joe S. gave it a10:
Quite possibly the best and most addictive RTS to date, this game has me captured the instant I loaded it up for the first time. Major improvements from AoE and AoE 2: AOK. Simply beautiful.

J gave it a3:
1. Usually ran out of food before I was able to make a farm. 2. God powers could end the game instantly in 1v1 3. Heroes were basically hyped units 4. Age of Kings looked more appealing 5. Myth units wacked 6. Campaign missions were converted old age of empire missions Rating: Played it for one week, gave up, went back to Warcraft III. I played Age of Kings for 6 months. This game needs work.

Billy S. gave it a 9:
Age Of mythology certainly is an amazing work of art by ensemble studios, it plays much like earlier "Age of" Games (which is good) yet add's so much more innovative things such as god powers. and a whole new game engine which really add’s to the game play, along with the whole experience. Age of mythology is (in my opinion) ensemble studios greatest work so far, and this is coming from 6+ years of playing Age of Empires games. As you can probably tell I highly recommend AOM to any Real Time Strategy fan, along with the average gamer. AOM has 3 civilizations (Greek, Egyptian and Norse) all three totally unique from the other, to add upon that, each civilization has three god’s to pick from at the beginning of each game. Each god will grant you special god powers along with technologies and mythic units. The downside is, having all of these options leads to a certain god to be overpowered and will dominate the other gods. Ensemble studios has now pretty much have each god to be equal to each other, yet it was a very bumpy start for AOM. The online match making service ESO (ensemble studios online) is very new, and has a quite abit of issues with it, yet again ensemble studios is doing a great job to improving the online service. And is getting better with every patch.

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