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Ballistics pc Game Reviews
Critic Score
Metascore: 71 Metascore out of 100
User Score  
10.0 out of 10
based on 12 reviews
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based on 7 votes
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The Ballistics pilots run their hover bikes on magnetic fields inside a track that allows full 360ยบ movement. The races take place in many different settings; all with their own unique design and environment - all shaped to breed the speed. [Xicat Interactive]

PUBLISHER: Xicat Interactive
GENRE(S): Racing
ESRB RATING: E (Everyone)
RELEASE DATE: October 23, 2001

What The Critics Said

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Adrenaline Vault
Ballistics is by far the fastest and most beautiful arcade racing game I have ever seen -- it makes everything else seem like molasses by comparison. While there is nothing really new here, the excellence of this title lies in its truly brilliant execution.
Read Full Review
Voodoo Extreme
It has enough Eye Candy to satisfy the picky 3D futuristic racing fan and an addictive quality that leaves you wanting to play one more game just to see if you can top your last blisteringly-fast speed.
Read Full Review
Gamers Pulse
Overall the game was exciting and thrilling, but in the long run this game will get tired and repetitive. The speed will keep you thrilled for a long time.
Read Full Review
Fans of sci-fi racing in general will likely find the game engaging, but in the end, the harshly unforgiving nature of the gameplay and steep learning curve will tend to work against them.
Read Full Review
I didnt like that the bike could detach. Its supposed to be used to help you but it always caused me more trouble than it was worth.
Read Full Review
Neither markedly bad nor strikingly good, it remains the fastest damn thing on the planet, worth a look only to those whose computers harbor the technology to power it, or to those who can stomach racing with no variation: racing that's based solely off memorization.
Read Full Review
Computer Games Magazine
Ballistics is, without a doubt, the fastest racer ever made. The game is all about speed. Make that insane speed. Reaching velocities that pop the sound barrier, this is a racing game for adrenaline freaks.
Read Full Review
The sound isnt much, but the graphics are can be very intense when you are flying past them at more than 260 miles per hour.
Read Full Review
PC Gamer
Its so damn fast and pretty that its more fun watching than actually playing it. [Mar 2002, p.68]
If unadulterated speed and kaleidoscopic imagery sounds like fun, Ballistics is your ticket to paradise. But many racing fans may well find that paradise short-lived.
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Computer Gaming World
It isn't a great game, but it's a decent challenge. [June 2002, p.87]
Yahoo! Games
Ballistics is never lacking for a quick, cheap thrill. Unfortunately, the gameplay is actually skin deep, it crashes often, and ultimately doesn't deliver on its eye candy promises.
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What Our Users Said

Vote Now! The average user rating for this game is 10.0 (out of 10) based on 7 User Votes
Note: User votes are NOT included in the Metascore calculation.

Ben W. gave it a 10:
I agree with's wicked awesome when stoned.

Mark M. gave it a 10:
I like to play it stoned, except when im going mach 1.5 and i hit something.

Khary M. gave it a 10:
This is the fastest racer i've seen in my life.

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